5 Drugstore Products That Are as Good as High-End

There’s nothing like finding a gem in the drugstore makeup aisle. Great makeup can truly be found at all price points. And, when I find a $2.99 brow pencil that works like a charm, I can appreciate it just as much as my favorite $23.00 one.

So, I wanted to share a handful of affordable items that I believe are just as good as high-end. Plus, a good list of drugstore faves just never gets old.

1. ) Milani Color Statement Lip Liner in Pretty Pink
It’s hard to believe this lip liner is only $4.99. I like it just as much as MAC lip liners (and maybe even more). Milani struck a superb balance with this formula. It is smooth and creamy enough that the pencil doesn’t drag or skip on the lips, but firm enough that it does not move around, which makes for a crisp outline. I really like that it’s not a mechanical pencil. Though convenient, mechanical pencils are always a little dull after initial use.

IMG-1587 (2)

Originally, I purchased the shade Nude, my go-to lip liner. However, I wanted something that I could pair with both my pink-leaning nudes and true pink lipsticks. “Pretty Pink” fits the bill perfectly. It has the slightest metallic finish, but it still works well with mattes. Honestly, I could totally wear this pencil on its own, and it would look stunning.

2.) Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Powder in Porcelain
I almost never leave the house without this powder in tow. It’s an all-around solid setting powder that never fails to mattify my skin without looking chalky or dry. The powder is silky smooth and finely milled, making for a flawless finish. And, I really appreciate the slight coverage it provides. It’s not too much; just enough to set foundation and keep oiliness at bay.

IMG-1585 (2)

For touchups, this product is perfect because it contains a good-sized mirror and a foam round that is actually quite effective for reapplying powder. I like using it to press the product onto my T-zone.

If you tend to get oily, I would stay away from the Maybelline Fit Me Set + Smooth powder. It doesn’t immediately turn skin shiny, but I definitely could not make it an entire day without becoming a bit greasy while wearing it. The Matte + Poreless powder never does this to me. In fact, I think my skin is generally less oily throughout the day when I wear it.

3.) Wet n Wild MegaGlow Highlighting Powder in Blossom Glow
I have to credit Carly with this discovery. I was mesmerized with the highlight she had on at our friend’s baby shower and was just about blown away when she said it was Wet n Wild. It’s not that I doubted Wet n Wild’s ability to make a good highlighter; I just didn’t expect it to look so high end.

IMG-1592 (2)

Well, only a couple days later, Tati reviewed and approved their latest shade, “Blossom Glow,” and I knew what I had to do. I had to buy it.

It’s this beautiful baby pink shade, which was a color missing in my collection. What I love is how this builds. It can be subtle or blinding, but it’s never glittery. Honestly, it’s an expensive-looking glow for being only $5.49 a pop. One of my favorite ways to wear it is underneath my Fenty Diamond Bomb highlighter. A high-low makeup pairing that is downright glamourous.

4.) ULTA Beauty Mineral Blush in Sweet Pea
Would you consider Ulta’s brand to be drugstore? I think I do. It’s a bit more expensive than other “drugstore” brands, but still very affordable. Plus, Ulta almost always has sales or specials going on with its beauty line, and there’s always a coupon attached to their monthly catalogue.

IMG-1590 (2)

Anyway, I just adore this blush. I also have one in the shade “Peony,” which I really like, but “Sweet Pea” is my favorite out of the two. It’s a slightly cool to neutral-toned pink with a subtle sheen. Like Tarte blushes, it builds up slowly, making it easy to apply just the right amount, depending on your preference.

So, yeah, $12.00 is definitely on the higher end of “affordable” makeup, but this blush lasts forever. It seems to never go down, and I’ve been using it for well over a year.

5.) Maybelline Snapscara Washable Mascara in Pitch Black
A while back, I tried Emma Watson’s favorite mascara, and I liked it. It’s a tubing mascara, which basically means the product sets on the eyelashes in such a way that it can be removed with warm water and sloughs off intact. In other words, it looks like you’re eyelashes are falling off, but it’s really just the mascara.

IMG-1582 (2)

Well, I’ve found an even better tubing mascara from Maybelline (that is less than half the price to boot)! This mascara lasts all day and never leads to the infamous raccoon eyes that wax-based varieties often cause, especially for those of us with hooded eyes. The brush is perfect for winging out the mascara so that the outer lashes are longer than the inner. Also, how cool is the packaging? I love that you can actually see the mascara.

In addition to black, Snapscara comes in a variety of fun colors. I have my eye on the black cherry one, which would pair perfectly with my Blood Sugar palette.

And that’s it! I’m sure I’ll be sharing more drugstore favorites soon, as these are certainly not the only ones in my collection. What affordable products are you loving lately?

xoxo Kelli

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