Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Palette | Worth It?

Two things I’ve always wanted to try: red eyeshadow and a Jeffree Star Cosmetics‘ eye palette. Naturally, Blood Sugar was on my list of makeup to get. It’s one of Jeffree’s most beloved palettes and chock full of luscious reds. How could I not resist?

As I noted in my Valentine’s Day post, my husband graciously hunted this bad boy down as a Christmas present for me. He was lucky. He happened to browse Beautylish just around the time it was restocked, and it took less than a day for it to regain it’s sold-out status. This palette is still perpetually out of stock (however, it will be back in stock at Beautylish tomorrow, 4/6 at 1:00 pm EST).

Now that I’ve played around with it a bunch of times, I’m ready to share my thoughts!

The Details

The Blood Sugar palette includes 18 shades in a mix of mattes, shimmers, and one gorgeous duochrome. It costs $52.00 and contains 1.5 grams of product per pan. While this may seem expensive, I think it’s quite reasonable given the overall look, feel, and (spoiler alert) quality of the palette.

Full Palette

As I expected, the packaging is phenomenal. It arrives in a white cardboard outer-box that looks like an old VCR movie sleeve. The palette itself is a sturdy, faux leather box that clasps shut and is meant to look like a first-aid kit. I think Jeffree really succeeded with the overall design. Every aspect from the packaging to the shade names is unified in theme.

While this palette is certainly bulkier than most, I think it is actually perfect for travel. It is very durable and, because it has clasps, it can be thrown into a suitcase without worry of it accidentally opening. It looks really cool sitting on the vanity, too. So, I don’t mind its size one bit.

The Swatches

Taking a look at the actual shades, you’ll see this has a wide range of neutrals and reds. Then there’s a few wildcards, like the hot pink and tangerine-pink duochrome. Honestly, I was originally only excited for the reds, pinks, and purples. I didn’t think I needed more neutrals at the time, but after using the entire palette, I’m happy to have all of the shades. Here they are!

Row One

Swatch 1
From top to bottom: Glucose, Sugarcane, Cake Mix, Ouch, Donor, and Intravenous

Row Two

Final Pink Swatch
From top to bottom: Candy Floss, Tongue Pop, Sweetener, Cavity, O Positive, and Root Canal

Row Three

New Swatch 4
From top to bottom: Prick, Cherry Soda, Fresh Meat, Blood Sugar, Extraction, and Coma

The Quality

The overall quality of these eyeshadows is fantastic. In fact, Jeffree Stars’ formula is the best I have tried thus far. I can’t say there is one eyeshadow in Blood Sugar that doesn’t work well. The mattes are all buttery and incredibly pigmented, especially the reds. I’m still blown away when I apply any shades from the bottom row to my eyelids. If there is any downside, it’s that they are so pigmented, you have to be careful not to put too much eyeshadow on your brush.

Like most metallics, the ones in this palette apply best with your finger. I pretty much never fault a metallic for that, so it doesn’t bother me here either. They show up beautifully.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Sugarcane – This is truly an all-purpose initial transition shade. I’ve been starting most of my looks with this light, satiny tan. Its undertone is neutral, so it works with warm and cool eyeshadows. But my favorite thing is, it blends out with minimal effort. I want this shade in every eyeshadow palette!
  • Donor – A quintessential, universally flattering metallic bronzy-gold. This one packs a real punch and will light up your lids. I love it especially because it brings out the blues of my eyes.
  • Sweetener – I’m a complete sucker for duochromes, so it’s no surprise this made it onto the list. It’s a light tangerine-pink that looks like a refreshing and fizzy fruit drink. I just want to bathe my eyelids in this shade and call it a day.
  • Cavity – Hot pink. That’s what this is, and that’s what you’ll get if you pack it all over your eyelid. Don’t be afraid, though. It can be sheared out to a lighter, more approachable version of itself in the crease if you use a light hand. Although I’m not typically a fan of pink, I have to admit, this is my favorite shade in the palette.
  • Cherry Soda – This is a true, fire truck red. I can hardly believe how accurately this shade translates from pan to skin. Warning, though: It will temporarily stain your eyelids. It is a pressed pigment after all.
  • Fresh Meat – Such a rich, slightly cool-toned red. I can’t get over the name. It’s a little darker than Cherry Soda and way moodier. It also translates accurately from pan to eyelid.

The Looks

While I didn’t use every shade in the palette for the looks below, I did create one for every color category in it (e.g., neutrals, pinks/purples, reds). Which do you like best?

Cherries On Ice

Cherry 1

Cherry 3

For this look, I used a variety of the reds in Blood Sugar, including Blood Sugar! Prick and Cherry Soda make up the majority of this smoky eye, with just a touch of Fresh Meat on the outer corner (gosh, these shade names are so much fun). The red pigments go a LONG way, so make sure to take it slow. I really loaded up my brush with Cherry Soda before applying it. As a result, it sort of covered the other shades, and I probably could’ve blended it all the way to my brow bone, no problem, it extends so far.

In addition to the winged liner, I tapped a little Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb Highlighter on the lid to give it that icy finish.

Smoked Cashmere

Red 8

Red 3

The nudes and browns in this palette are so yummy, I just had to use them together. In fact, they’ve become my favorite nude eyeshadows! I used every shade in the first row of the palette, applying Sugarcane and Cake Mix as transitional colors, deepening the crease with Ouch, and tapping Donor all over the lid and Intravenous on the outer corner. I finished off the look with Glucose on the brow bone and inner corner.

Pink Stardust

Purple 5

Purple 4

Purple 3

This look is my favorite of the bunch, hence the extra picture! The three main shades I used here are Cavity, Root Canal, and Candy Floss. I fluffed out Cavity all over the crease and created a blocky “wing” with Root Canal. I really like this technique because it gives me that elongated, cat-eye look without the stress of trying to create a wing with liquid liner, which is not easy with my hooded eyes. Finally, I patted Candy Floss all over the lid to brighten it up.

My Thoughts

Is this palette worth it? Absolutely, 100%! I basically want to use Blood Sugar like all of the time now. And, when I use other palettes, I’m tempted to dip into the transition shades here. The formula is spot on. I can’t wait to get my hands on more Jeffree Star Cosmetics palettes–including Blue Blood, which is on its way in the mail as I write 😉

xoxo Kelli

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