Pore Vacuum | Does It Actually Work?

Oh, the influence of the internet. Due to its terrible power to persuade me I need more steps in my skincare routine, I purchased a face vacuum on the promise that with consistent use, my pores would disappear, my wrinkles would fade, and my skin would become taught and bright. I bought this one by Xpreen on Amazon; it’s under $30 and has good reviews.


This particular vacuum comes with an instruction booklet, a charging cord and four interchangeable probes: Two for blemish removal, one for exfoliation purposes, and one for fine line reduction. An easy-to-read, LED screen lets the user choose between three suction settings based on the intensity they desire.

I started  by using this twice a week on my face and neck, always avoiding the eye area. I only use it after I shower so that my pores are open and clean. Because my face generally has a minimal amount of blemishes, I alternate between the heads, using the tightening probe on my forehead and neck, the blemish remover on my chin and cheeks, and the exfoliation tip all over the face. I also use it over my bikini area whenever I have ingrown hairs or irritation from waxing (personal,  I know, but just saying!).


I definitely recommend starting slow with this type of tool, because it will cause redness and irritation to the skin. I began with the lowest setting, eventually graduating to the medium-powered setting, for parts of my face. I make sure that I use upward motions when using this tool – I don’t want to give gravity any help aging my skin! I won’t post a photo, but the debris from the skin visibly collects in the tip of the probe – an equally satisfying and disgusting phenomenon.

Does this thing actually work? I actually think so! Immediately after use, I notice the lines on my forehead are less visible, and I can see the physical gunk that comes out of my pores. At the very least, it gives the skin a deep massage. I’ll continue to use it!

Do you have a pore vacuum? I’d love to hear how you use it and if you think it works!

xoxo Carly





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