4 Hair Products That Work for Thin Hair

My hair is straight, thin, and fine. It’s flatter than flat, no matter the weather. It’s difficult to keep clean, a pain to heat style, and my goodness, it is near impossible to give it any sort of volume. I’ve been on a bit of a mission to learn how to manage my hair, trying lots of different products to find a mix that is both light enough so that is isn’t weighed down but still able to provide strength for heat styling. Here are four products that have really been working for me:

1. Paul Mitchell Flexible Style Sculpting Foam

I have used so, so many products that promise volume when applied before blow drying, and nothing has come close to the way this works for me. I apply this mousse to towel dried hair by massaging it slightly into the roots and then pulling it down through the strands. After blow drying my hair, it is light and a little puffy (a term that probably makes women with big hair cringe, but I promise you, this is a good thing for me!). Most importantly, it provides a base to hold my hair style. When I don’t use this product my hair is noticeably flatter than when I do and curls do not least nearly as long.

2. Lush Cosmetics Dry Shampoo

I did a post on this years ago, and to this day it is still my go-to dry shampoo. I highly favor a powdered dry shampoo over an aerosol, and I just love the citrus smell and longevity of this one. This product not only provides volume to my flat roots, but feigns clean hair for 3-4 days at a time.

3. Kristen Ess Dry Finish Working Texture Spray

My absolute favorite hair product for fine hair! When I use it on natural, straight hair, it adds a beautiful lift and textures it perfectly, I literally feel like I step out of a salon each time I use it. It adds a beautiful, weightless hold to curls or waves and it can be used daily on unwashed hair. Plus, it’s only $15!

4. Paul Mitchell Super Clean Light Finishing Hairspray

This spray provides the most fine, even mist I have tried before. It leaves no crunch, no residue, and provides a surprisingly strong hold and a lovely smell. I highly recommend it for thin hair – I’ve gone through so many of the wrong hair sprays before finding this one! Combined with the texturizing spray I mention above, it is quite effective in keeping curls or waves in my stick straight hair.

In combination, these products have been working hard for me! It really is the first time in my life I feel I’m gaining control over my annoyingly straight strands. Anyone have any hair care products they love that they want to share? Can’t wait to hear!

xo Carly

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