Hello there, and welcome to Sugarlaced!

We’re Kelli and Carly.


Two girls who met by fate and quickly became friends over our shared love for coffee, sweet treats, and (most importantly) makeup. During college, we embarked on the adventure of selling cupcakes out of our on-campus apartment kitchen. It was a sweet whirlwind of a journey that culminated in our donation of 400 mini cupcakes to a local charity event.

Since then, we’ve both gone on to hold professional careers. However, it wasn’t long until we found ourselves dreaming up projects to work on together. This time, we’re embracing our mutual passion for makeup, fashion, and all things beauty.

But, what’s with the name?

Sugarlaced is a nod to our previous frosting-filled, cupcake-flinging days. It’s also suggestive of femininity—a style element we are both drawn to. Even when we were up to our arms in powdered sugar, we always did so in style. Literally, at times, in heels.

Simply put, we love makeup and fashion. Through Sugarlaced, we hope to inspire and connect with others who do, too. More importantly, we will strive to do so in an authentic way that reflects how women can fit beauty into their everyday lives.

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy ❤