The 8-Second Miracle Worker for Dull Hair

8-Second Wonder Water. Sounds like a total gimmick, right? That’s exactly what I would have thought had I first encountered this product in store. Rather, it was brought to my attention during an episode of my favorite podcast, Fat Mascara. The hosts, Jess and Jen, know their stuff when it comes to beauty. They’ve each worked for some of the biggest publications in the industry, which also means they’ve tested a lot of products. So when they mentioned L’Oreal’s mysterious Wonder Water on the podcast and that it actually works, I was curious.

Then, fellow listeners started posting about Wonder Water regularly on the Fat Mascara Facebook page, espousing its ability to transform dull, lifeless locks into silky, satiny tresses. Ok, sold. But what really is this product? Essentially, Wonder Water is a hydrating hair treatment. Normally, this sets off all the alarm bells in my head. I have very fine hair. Anything labeled “hydrating” reads to me as “heavy.” Products meant to add moisture and shine often only squander what little volume I have.

Except, this one is different. It’s actually a very light, water-based formula that hydrates hair without weighing it down. The secret behind Wonder Water is what L’Oreal calls “lamellar technology.” According to the brand, “Wonder water works to coat the hair with moisturizing agents and an amino acid and it targets damaged areas of hair, forming small and very organized thin layers called lamellars that help smooth the surface of strands without weigh down.” 

Based on my experience, I can say that this is true. It does not weigh my hair down. In fact, it feels lighter than any conditioner I’ve ever used after shampooing. As my hair dries, it feels bouncier and more voluminous than usual. This is true whether I blow dry my hair or let it air dry–though, I do recommend using a blow dryer to get the most out of this product.

When using Wonder Water, I skip conditioner altogether. After shampooing my hair, I apply one dose to my hair, massaging through the strands for at least 8 seconds. Each dose is marked off by tick marks on the back of the bottle. At first, I tried applying the product directly to my scalp, which made it difficult to determine how much to squirt out of the bottle. Lately, I’ve been applying the product onto the palm of my hand and then distributing it onto my hair. After massaging it in, I rinse it out thoroughly, and that’s it.

L’Oreal recommends using Wonder Water 2-3 times per week. I only use it once per week because my hair isn’t very dry. Although it only costs $9.99 per bottle, the one downside I could see to this product is that those with really thick hair would probably go through it fast. One dose is just enough for me, but if my hair were any thicker, I’d be inclined to use more.

For me, though, Wonder Water has been an excellent addition to my haircare routine. I love how light and bouncy it makes my hair. If you’re interested in trying it out, Wonder Water can be purchased on Ulta’s website, here.

xo Kelli

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