Wayne Goss Lipstick, Liner, and Gloss

Last February, my husband, Jake, gave me a Beautylish gift card for my birthday that I held onto for months, patiently awaiting the perfect thing to buy. There were so many things I wanted, but I couldn’t decide which one to splurge on. I was very close to choosing Natasha Denona’s Sunrise eyeshadow palette, a dreamy collection of reds, oranges, and yellows. Then, Wayne Goss announced the release of his first color cosmetics line, a selection of lipsticks, lipliners, and lipglosses in glorious nudes. I couldn’t resist.

If you’re not familiar with Goss, he has a renowned YouTube beauty channel and a luxury makeup brush brand that I am a huge fan of. I have several of his brushes, and they are top-of-the-line both functionally and aestetically. Knowing how much I already love his makeup brushes, I was incredibly excited to try out his lip products, too.

So, I changed my course and purchased one lipstick, liner, and gloss from Goss’ collection instead of the Natasha Denona palette. His lipstick shades range from pale pinks and to rusty terracottas and muted berries. I was immediately drawn to what looked like the lightest shade in the collection, Daisy. To complement it, I chose the lightest lip liner, Vintage Pink, and a subtly metallic pink gloss in the shade Hibiscus.

The Lipstick

Each lipstick tube contains 4 grams of product and costs $28. Though this price is very much in the realm of luxury, I would say the look and quality of the lipstick both reflect that. I’m smitten with its glossy black, squared-off tube. It’s so chic and mirrors the look of Goss’ brushes. I really appreciate that sort of consistency in a brand.

Applied, this lipstick looks creamy and hydrating, but not glossy. It feels super comfortable but doesn’t move around too much. Goss created these lipsticks to be flattering on lips of any age, and I can see how that is true. The creaminess of the formula prevents it from bunching up in the lines of the lips.

Shade-wise, I’m very happy with Daisy. It’s a light peachy-pink that has enough warmth to prevent it from being too pale. This will definitely be a go-to shade me for, as I imagine it will work with a plethora of looks, bold or subdued. One look I’m dying to pair Daisy with is a smoky black eye. I think it would balance out such a heavy eye well.

The Lip Liner

Each lip liner contains 1.14 grams of product and costs $14. This price point is more in line with (or even less than) that of prestige brands, rather than luxury. Think, MAC ($18 per pencil) or Urban Decay ($21 per pencil). I’m really happy about this because I’m certain these liners will become a staple for me. First, I really like that this is not a mechanical pencil, where the liner is twisted up instead of sharpened manually. Using a sharpener may be more work, but it results in a finer tip that creates a more precise line. I also really like the lack of creaminess to this formula. While that may sound like a negative, I find that firmer liners tend to do a better job of increasing the longevity of lipstick. Also, creamy liners are more likely to move around. A firmer pencil stays put. However, this pencil is not dry. I find it to be rather comfortable, even when I wear it alone.

The Lip Gloss

At $22 for 5.3 grams of product, this is more expensive of a lip gloss than I typically go for. But, my gosh, is it an eye catcher. From the packaging to the gloss itself, this is a lovely product. Goss’ intended that it look like a bottle of nail polish, and I’d say he succeeded. Like the lipstick, its rectangular tube and glossy black cap are sleek and sophisticated. The doe foot applicator has a unique shape, too. It is sort of a cross between a typical doe foot and a paddle applicator. It doesn’t apply too much gloss at once, which I appreciate because nothing looks messier than gloppy lips. No thank you!

On the lips, this gloss imparts a healthy shine. The shade I chose, Hibiscus, has a semi-transparent base with a metallic finish. It is an elegant, refined metallic that gives subtle dimension to the lips. It is also very comfortable, not sticky. Do note that it is mint-scented. Neither the lipstick nor the lip pencil are scented, but Goss wanted the refreshing effect of mint as part of this gloss. I personally like this, but I know having scented products is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Swatches & Application

As you can see from the swatches above, these three lip products go beautifully together. I think this also illustrates the texture of each quite well, as it is evident that the lip pencil has a firmer matte finish, the lipstick a creamy-satin sheen, and the gloss a subtle metallic shine.

But how do they look on the lips? Well, first I tried just the pencil and lipstick together. I wish I had take a photo of just the lip liner, too, but alas, I did not. All I can say is that I think the pencil looks lovely all by itself, though I tend to use lip liners along with another product on top. Here’s me wearing both the liner and the lipstick:

Then, here’s a picture of me wearing the liner and lipstick with the gloss on top:

This is my kind of combination! A neutral lip with a peachy-pink tone. These products layer beautifully and feel comfortable on the lips. I’m glad that I waited so long to use my gift card (though, a Natasha Denona palette is definitely still on my future wish list!).

Thanks for reading!

xo Kelli

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