Hylamide HA Blur

The last time I purchased from Deciem (the company that umbrellas over The Ordinary and several other brands), I ran across this little guy: the HA Blur. It’s marketed as a skin finisher that promises to blur and minimize pores, plump, soften, and hydrate the skin, etc., etc…

By the way it’s described on the website, it’s an Instagram filter you can directly apply to your face. Since I’ve had good experiences with their other products, I decided I’d give this one a try, and I give it five stars for its performance.

The consistency is lovely. It’s silky-smooth without being too thick or too thin. It doesn’t feel sticky nor heavy on the skin after application, and blends easily without collecting around the nostrils or at the bridge of the nose. I apply it with a flat foundation brush or with my fingers and both methods work well.

Used alone, the HA Blur fills in pores and carries out its promise to “blur the skin”, making it appear more even and smooth than it actually is. I am quite secure wearing this out without any other face products. It’s extremely comfortable and creates a lovely base for a smooth makeup application. It doesn’t get cake-like or patchy under a powder foundation, and my liquid foundation does not budge at all when I use with this product as a primer. I’ve also noticed that my contour, blush, and highlight have been standing out as near-perfect since I’ve been using this as my primer. I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

HA Blur used under powder foundation; no other face makeup worn.

The Hylamide website says it well: They have done something “really special” with this product. It does what it says it will do and more, and it costs just $10.00. Can I say it again? $10.00. A drop in the bucket compared the the astronomical prices of similar luxury primers, right?

xoxo Carly



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