Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blue Blood Palette

Blue eyeshadow is having a renaissance. If you’ve ever wanted to try this daring color on your lids, now is the time. There’s plenty of options available for those just wanting to dip their toes in. Flower Beauty has an electric blue pressed pigment single, as one example. But if you’re looking for an entire wardrobe of blue eyeshadow, Jeffree Star has you covered.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Blue Blood, especially after discovering how amazing Blood Sugar is. Was anyone else part of the craziness that ensued on the Blue Blood launch day? I was ready and waiting for the second it dropped on Beautylish, when the website literally crashed. Same thing happened on Jeffree Star’s site. Thankfully, I was able to purchase it through Morphe. There’s something amazing about the fact that a blue eyeshadow palette broke a portion of the internet. We truly are in the midst of a time when people are embracing colorful makeup.

Now that I’ve been playing around with my Blue Blood palette for a good month, I’ve got some thoughts to share. Let’s jump right in!

The Details

This palette costs $52.00, includes 18 shades, and contains 1.5 grams of product per pan. It arrives in a cobalt blue outer box designed with a wood grain pattern that opens up to reveal the coffin-inspired palette. Morbid? Yes. But very Jeffree Star.

Outer Box 1

I can’t help but feel the design of this palette embodies the 2019 Met Gala theme: Camp. It treads just on the edge of gaudiness without actually going there. Instead, the palette comes off as a tasteful and chic. It’s a play on the themes of death and royalty, as the money bag, coffin, and crown imprints on the eyeshadows illustrate.

Palette 2

Shades 1

What I love most is how playful Blue Blood is without feeling juvenile. There’s been a trend in the past few years where makeup that’s marketed toward adults is packaged in a way that almost looks like kid’s makeup (Tarte and Too Faced are some of the worse offenders), but this hits the balance just right. Don’t get me wrong, I love whimsical themes. I just want it to look sophisticated.

The Swatches

In the swatches below, you’ll see that some of the shades look really light on my arm. This is not for a lack of pigment. The pastels just happen to be really light shades (as expected), but most of them show up nicely on the eyes.

Row One 5
Row One From Top to Bottom: Cullinan, Mintea, Crystal Flesh, I’m Cold, Untouchable, and Priceless
Row Two 1
Row Two From Top to Bottom: Power, Blue Blood, Deceased, Ice Tray, Blue Monday, and Flourishing
IMG_1784 2
Row Three From Top to Bottom: Wealthy, Celebrity Skin, Entitled, Ocean Ice, Cremated, Undertaker

The Quality

To be honest, I was ready to judge this palette less harshly than I would others because it’s made up of mostly blues and pastels, and neither of those categories are conducive to buttery, effortless blending. But, I needn’t have thought that way. I’m quite astounded by the quality of these eyeshadows and how easily they blend out. This palette is just about perfect with the exception of Untouchable. It’s a pretty pink that barely shows up on the eyes, unlike the other pastels. Still, I’ll use it to blend out harsh edges in my crease for nude looks, since it doesn’t impart much color. Other than that, I’m perfectly happy with the longevity, pigmentation, and usability of this palette.

Here are some of my favorite shades:

Cullinan | This is a frosty, “diamond” metallic that adds an luxurious sheen to the inner corner and brow bone.

Crystal Flesh | A shimmering nude. This shade is one of my favorites because it makes my eyelids glisten in the most flattering way.

I’m Cold | Pastel blues are not an easy shade to get right. Although this one takes a little time to build up, the resulting payoff is a pretty baby blue.

Priceless | I just love this pastel peach shade. It makes a lovely initial transition in the crease and, like most oranges, pairs well with blue.

Blue Blood | The namesake of the palette and rightly so. This matte blue pops brilliantly on the lid and blends easily into other shades. I’m glad it’s cool-toned, as we often see bright blues that have a warmer, more aquamarine edge than this in palettes.

Deceased | This metallic is basically blue-raspberry in eyeshadow form. Love!

Ice Tray | A frosty light blue that applies like butter and looks especially pretty in the inner corner or as a highlight in the middle of the lid for a halo eye.

Celebrity Skin | This neutral nude is literally perfection. I would buy this shade by itself. It mimics a natural shadow in the crease.

Ocean Ice | This metallic-glitter hybrid adds major drama to the lid. Although sparkly, I am able to use this without glitter glue.

Cremated | I actually find this to be one of the most unique shades in Blue Blood. It’s a striking mix of grey, teal, green, and blue.

Undertaker | Almost navy but a little smokier. I love deepening the outer corners of my eyes with this or smudging it all over the lash line.

The Looks

Mintea Fresh
Shades Used: Mintea, Entitled, Flourishing, Cremated, and Cullinan

Teal 1


Wings of Teal
Shades Used: Untouchable, Priceless, Crystal Flesh, Wealthy, Celebrity Skin, Cullinan, and Cremated

Subtle 1

Subtle 3

Azure Halo
Shades Used: Blue Blood, Ice Tray, Blue Monday, Ocean Ice, and Undertaker.

blue insta


Final Thoughts

So, is this almost-all-blue palette worth it? Yes! I recommend this 100% to anyone who enjoys playing with blue on the eyes. It’s probably less of a worthy investment if you’re not into wearing colorful eyeshadow, though I do find many of the blue shades still make gorgeous eyeliners. Based on the quality and aesthetic of Blue Blood and Blood Sugar, I imagine I’ll have a hard time passing up on any Jeffree Star eyeshadow launches in the future.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried Blue Blood. I’d love to hear what’s your favorite shade!

xoxo Kelli

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