New ColourPop Pressed Shadows | Review

Every time I place an order from ColourPop, I swear it’ll be my last for a while, just so I can give other brands a try. Then they release something shiny and new, and I break my promise to myself. It’s a problem–but at the very least, an affordable one.

This time, it was ColourPop’s latest batch of pressed eyeshadow singles that caught my eye. There was open real estate in my magnetic palette, so I figured I’d add some more shades (I’ve chronicled the addition of other shades, here and here). Let’s take a look at the pans and swatches!

CP Pans with Text (clarified)

CP Swatches (clarified)

The Shades

Take Flight
A sunny matte yellow. I had been looking to add a true yellow to my collection, and this one is perfect. It blends out beautifully and can be packed onto the lid for a lemony punch. It does apply a little darker on the skin than it looks in the pan, probably because yellow tends to be a sheerer color than others. I don’t mind this, as it makes the shade slightly more wearable, but you could probably tap into the full potential of this yellow by using a white primer.

On A Whimsy
A classic silver. Of all the shades I purchased, I’ve worn this one the most so far. It’s also the only one I used in both of the looks below. I love it dearly. It’s incredibly buttery, and unlike many metallics, applies well with both a brush and a finger. My favorite way to wear this shade is in the inner corner of the eye or inner third of my lower lash line. If you’re looking for a silver eyeshadow, look no further.

Mr. Sandman
ColourPop describes this shade as an “icy rose with a silver sheen,” but it’s really more complex than that. It has purple, pink, and even rusty tones, and it is glittery. Far more than I expected it to be. If you’ve used the Zodiac palette, it’s very similar in texture to the Pisces shade. This is a good thing, by the way, because I was mesmerized with how brilliantly Pisces sparkles. Mr. Sandman is the same.

Enchanting is the best way to describe this shade. It’s a gorgeous duochrome that visibly shifts from lavender to pink to blue and has the finest sparkle. I’ve been using it as a topper on the mobile lid after applying other shades, but I’m dying to try this all by itself. Although slightly more glittery, it’s very similar in texture to Glass Bull and Tea Garden–both of which are fabulous shades.

A metallic light cranberry. ColourPop notes that this shade contains “baby blue glitter,” but I can’t really detect it. Regardless, Misty has such a lovely tone. This one applies best using your finger. While I haven’t yet tried this one dampened, it imparts a good amount of color by itself. I really like using this all over the lid, but it also looks nice under the eye (as you’ll see in the look below).

This metallic purple is the only shade I purchased that I’m on the fence about. It is a beautiful color, but the texture is drier than other metallics from ColourPop. It doesn’t blend as seamlessly into other shades as I’d like either. It wasn’t until I sprayed setting spray onto my finger after dipping it in the eyeshadow that I was able to achieve decent color payoff and blendability. But, I don’t love the idea of having to do that every time I apply a shade. I do, however, really like how the look with Neutrino turned out below.

The Look



For this first look, I used Take Flight in the crease, Mr. Sandman on the outer half of my lid, and On A Whimsy on the inner half of my lid. I also used two other shades from my magnetic palette: Paper Tiger in the outer crease and Cloud Nine to deepen the outer corner.

purple 3


For this look, I applied Neutrino on the outer half of the lid and Earthshine on the inner half. I dampened each of these shades the first time I applied them so that they’d stand out. Then I pressed the same shades, but dry, on top. On my lower lash line, I gently smoked out Misty. I then added On A Whimsy to the inner corners of my eyes.

My Thoughts

Just like the other eyeshadows I’ve purchased from ColourPop, the quality of these are really amazing and not even because of the price ($4 per pan). I would pay more for these eyeshadows. Apart from Neutrino, each of the shades blend easily and last nicely throughout the day. Honestly, I’m not sure there’s much more to say. I’m just really glad we have such an inexpensive and fun brand to fill up a palette with!

xoxo Kelli


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