Kathleen Lights X ColourPop The Zodiac Palette

In my review of the Kathleen Lights X ColourPop Dream St. Palette, I mentioned that I was waiting for my Zodiac palette to arrive in the mail. Well, I’ve received it and put it to the test. My review is a little late, as much of the hype has passed. But, if you’re looking for a fun palette, I’d highly recommend considering it.

Honestly, I’m not one to put stock in astrological signs, but I still find the concept to be really fun. As Kathleen was revealing the palette for the first time on her channel, I couldn’t wait to see what color she chose for my sign. It’s sort of like when you’re a kid and you get a new yearly calendar. You can’t help but to flip to your birthday month to see what the picture is.

Zodiac 6

The Details
The Zodiac palette costs $18 on ColourPop’s website. It’s a little more expensive than the Dream St. palette due to the mirror. There are 12 shadows total, and they each contain 0.85g of product. According to ColourPop, the palette contains a mix of matte and ultra-metallic shadows. This description doesn’t fully capture the range of finishes. There are satin shadows, duo-chromes, a metallic that verges on being glitter, and a matte-glitter hybrid.

The Packaging
Kathleen really knocked the design of the packaging out of the park. You can tell she puts a ton of thought into how it complements the overall theme. I personally love the choice of a navy blue background framing the rose gold zodiac sign illustrations. On the inside, the palette differs from Dream St. in that the names of each shade are printed below the shadows, a detail I appreciate.

In terms of functionality, the cardboard is sturdy, and the magnetic enclosure is strong. Though cardboard can often become stained over time, as I’m certain this will, I honestly don’t mind. It’s like when a cookbook gets food-stained. It’s just a sign that it’s been well loved.

The Eyeshadows
To test the palette, I opted to create three looks in order to use all the shades in the palette. There are too many beautiful shades to limit myself, and it would be a challenge to use them all in the same look. It is an eccentric color scheme, after all.

Zodiac 8
From left to right: The Aries, The Taurus, The Gemini, The Cancer, The Leo, The Virgo, The Libra, The Scorpio, The Sagittarius, The Capricorn, The Aquarius, The Pisces

For the first look, I knew I wanted to use my sun sign, The Aquarius, and my moon sign, The Pisces. The two blue shades! Though I think a really cool halo eye could be achieved using just these two shades, I wanted to add a couple more into the mix. So, I went with my husband’s sun and moon signs, The Gemini and The Aries. Here’s the final look:


Blue and orange go so well together! Overall, I was pleased with the performance of these eyeshadows, especially The Aquarius. It’s no secret that matte blue shades are difficult for brands to formulate, but ColourPop did a great job. Also, I have to mention The Pisces. It’s stunning and so glittery. I tried applying it dry, with a wet brush, and with my finger. Though each method worked well, I liked how it applied with my finger best.

For the second look, I wanted to play with both of the purple shades, The Sagittarius and The Scorpio. I added in The Taurus, a warm neutral shade, as a transition, since both purples have a warm undertone. Then, I placed The Leo in the center of my lids for a bit of glitz. Again, I was impressed with the performance of each of these shades.

Zodiac 10

Finally, look number three is my attempt at a classic black smoky eye with a twist–it’s sparkly. Of course, the pictures don’t really show that. I don’t quite have the technique for a black smoky eye down, so I’m definitely factoring that into my impression of the eyeshadow. But, I did find that The Capricorn applied slightly patchy. I did not use a black cream base, which many makeup artists suggest doing for a black smokey eye, so that could definitely play a part. As far as the actual pigment and sparkle factor, I love it.

Zodiac 4

To round out the smokey eye, I used The Libra as an initial transition shade, The Virgo as second transition shade, and The Cancer as a highlight for the inner corner and brow bone. All three of these shades performed really nicely.

All in all, I’m really enjoying the Zodiac palette and its quirky color scheme that somehow works. It’s a lot of fun to use and will be perfect for the upcoming Halloween season 🙂

Have you tried the Zodiac palette? What’s you’re favorite shades? I’d love to know!

xoxo Kelli

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2 thoughts on “Kathleen Lights X ColourPop The Zodiac Palette

  1. You’re so right about a stained palette being like a cookbook, the recipes I use all the time have so many little stains on them lol
    I LOVE the orange and the blue together! I’ve played with this palette a lot but I never thought to pair those shades together. I love seeing all the looks that people have come up with using it, they’re all so different!


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