ColourPop Pressed Pigments

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on ColourPop’s recently released pressed powder pigments! I had been in the market to start creating a build-your-own palette for quite some time now, and I finally decided to take the plunge after seeing these shadows. I absolutely love the range of colors that ColourPop has created, which includes plenty of warm- and cool-toned neutrals and a few pops of bright blue, berry, mustard, and more.

Although I was tempted to purchase more, the four shades I bought were Hear Me Out (a light peachy-white base color), High Strung (a shimmery mauve), Paper Tiger (a mustard yellow), and Made To Last (a matte mauve). Besides the mustard shadow, which is a color I didn’t own until now, these choices are way too predictable of me. I absolutely adore neutral mauves, which already make up a good portion of my eyeshadow collection, and could not resist the chance to fill it up with more!


To house the new shadows, I also purchased my first empty palette, and let me tell you, I’m impressed by this one from Make Up For Ever. It is a metal case, which I imagine makes it sturdier than many of the cardboard options out there, and the magnet is strong. It takes quite a bit of pressure to push the eyeshadow pans around in the palette. Additionally, it comes with plastic and foam inserts, which can be placed on top of your shadows (plastic first, foam second) for protection when traveling.






So, do these shadows live up to the hype? I think so, especially given that they’re incredibly affordable at $5 per pan. Here’s some swatches, and then I’ll share my thoughts on each separate color:

(Left to Right: Hear Me Out, High Strung, Paper Tiger, and Made To Last)

Hear Me Out:
I already know this is going to be one of my go-to base colors. Although it hardly shows up on my bare arm (probably because it’s so light), this shade is the most pigmented when applied with a brush to primed eyelids, and it only takes one dip into the pan to cover each. I’ll be popping this into my inner corners, too, as I actually find matte highlights to be really flattering on that area of the eye. Overall, no complaints with this one!

High Strung:
Such a pretty metallic! However, it is considerably more pigmented when applied onto my eyelid using my finger than when using a brush. I don’t really mind because I like the option of creating a more subtle, washed-out look by applying with a brush. Of course, you could always spritz a synthetic brush with water after picking up this shadow to intensify the color. All in all, I’d definitely repurchase this one.

Paper Tiger:
I’m in love with this matte mustard yellow. In fact, I actually enjoy the way it looks blown out all over the eyelid with just a base color underneath. The consistency of this one is much more powdery than Hear Me Out and High Strung, and there’s quite a bit of kick-back when dipping a brush into it. In other words, the powder sort of poofs up around the pan in such a way that you could blow on the shadows and the pigment would fly into the air. Despite this, it is very easy to blend and not streaky. I would also repurchase this shade!

Made To Last:
When I first saw this color, I thought it would make for a deeper shade to apply to the outer corner. However, it’s actually fairly light when applied with a brush. While this disappointed me at first, I changed my mind after using it as more of a transition shade, pairing it with a darker mauve from my Tartlette palette. Just like Paper Tiger, this one has a lot of kick-back. Again, though, I found it to blend very smoothly onto the eyelid. I’m not sure yet if I would repurchase this shade, mostly because I already have some nice mauve transition colors I love from the Tartlette palette, but I certainly am enjoying it all the same.

Based on my experience with these four colors, I would recommend ColourPop’s pressed powders to anyone. Although there is a bit of kick-back with the matte shades, the fact that they blend so easily makes up for it, as does the $5 price point. I know I’ll definitely be adding more colors to my collection!

xo Kelli

Hear Me Out
High Strung
Paper Tiger
Made To Last
Metal Palette: Make Up For Ever


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