Ladyboss Anti-Blue Light Glasses

Have you heard? Blue light is evil. It strains our eyes and gives us headaches, overstimulates our brains and ruins our sleep. It flows from our computer screens while we work, flashes back at us every time we answer a text or check social media before bed. The research on our plugged in habits makes for a bleak future for our eyes.

But, have hope! Ways to block this pervasive blue light are surfacing in the forms of downloadable filters for our phones and wearable protection for the workday. For the love of my eyes, I decided to jump on board and find a pair of glasses that will preserve my pupils. I did some non-exhaustive research on some different glasses available and landed on a brand called Ladyboss Glasses. They have excellent reviews, are backed by some big names, and show a persuasive video that demonstrates the 99.9% effectiveness of their lenses. *Adds item to cart*.


Now, do I know the complete science behind blue light and what blocking it means? Admittedly, no. What I do know is when I put these on, I can see the blue light from my screens disappear. I’ve been wearing these glasses for three weeks now, and my eyes are clearly less fatigued come the end of each day.

As far as style selection goes, they have a variety of on-trend frames to choose from, from a polished cat-eye to a minimal look. I purchased the Ladyboss Classics in Dark Rose. They are lightweight and comfortable. I put them on and immediately sit a little taller, feel a bit more professional. And as someone who doesn’t normally wear glasses, it’s fun to have a new accessory to play around with.



But…the price. I bought these while they were on sale, but it was still expensive for my taste. The product is completely made of plastic; the lenses do not feel super durable and honestly, I think they will scratch easily. I know you can get cheaper pairs that claim to block the same blue light. Do they? I don’t know. To ease the pain of my wallet, I’m going to say they don’t. 😉

So the recap: Yes, they work. Yes, they’re fashionable. And yes, they’re expensive.


xoxo Carly


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