Five Nail Colors for Fall

Hands up if you love a fall manicure! From dark shades to light neutrals, here are five go-to polishes to take you from one fall festivity to the next.

Turn N’ Pose

Muted in comparison to the bright shades of summer, this gorgeous purple still offers a bit of color for those sunny autumn days.


Icedlanded a Bottle of OPI

A beautiful beige, this color looks good in every scene, from apple picking to pumpkin carving.


Lincoln Park after Dark

I always look forward to busting this color out come October.  Almost black, this deep, dark, purple always pulls in the compliments. 


Bubble Bath

Feminine and subtle, this polish is neutral enough to have something on your nails without drawing too much attention to them. 


We the Female

Just the polish for passing the turkey at Thanksgiving dinner this year. Part of OPI’s Washington D.C. Nail Lacquer Collection, it’s a balanced, dark berry color.


Leave a comment below with your favorite fall polish!

xoxo Carly

All of these colors are available at Ulta Beauty.

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