Revlon PhotoReady Candid Foundation & Concealer

When it comes to drugstore makeup, Revlon is a classic. They are especially known for their lipsticks, certain shades of which have been in production since the 1950s. In fact, I wore a Revlon lippie in Blushed on my wedding day. Needless to say, it holds a special place in my heart.

Base products, however, are not the first thing I think of when it comes to this brand. Revlon had been lagging in that area for some time. This past year, they have begun to refresh their offerings, coming out with a line of foundations and concealers that created some buzz in the beauty community. I couldn’t wait to try them!

Revlon PhotoReady Candid Natural Finish Anti-Pollution Foundation ($10.99)

IMG-5741 (1)

What a name! The “anti-pollution” descriptor makes my eyes roll. From what I understand, it is largely an empty term that usually means antioxidants have been added to the formula. While antioxidants can be beneficial–particularly in skincare–they aren’t necessarily a great addition to makeup. They are relatively unstable and require protective packaging (think vitamin C serum being stored in a darkened or opaque bottle) to maintain efficacy. It’s unlikely that the antioxidants in this foundation are doing much of anything. However, I’m no scientist, so please do enlighten me in the comment section if there’s some truth to this whole anti-pollution thing that I’m missing.

All that being said, I don’t really mind if this foundation doesn’t have the anti-pollution powers it claims to possess. What I care about is how it works on the face. Does it enhance my skin and last a long time before breaking up? For the most part, yes, it does.

This foundation is a true medium coverage. It is not sheer, but any breakouts I’m experiencing do peek through. I like wearing this best when my skin is mostly clear (and, knock on wood, it has been lately). Under those circumstances, this foundation is lovely. It adds a subtle hydration to the skin without being overly dewy. If I do have any dark spots showing through, I simply cover them up using Lisa Eldridge’s pinpoint concealing technique.

The one source of frustration I have with this foundation is the application. It took several attempts to land on a tool that applies the product evenly and smoothly on the skin. Using a beauty sponge sheered out the foundation too much, and my Blendiful (which I love using with most foundations) didn’t spread it out easily enough, since it is initially thick in texture. Most brushes resulted in a streaky finish, with the exception of one: my Morphe X Jeffree Star JS1 foundation brush. The bristles strike the perfect balance between being dense and flexible, making it perfect for this stubborn foundation.

In the picture below, I applied the foundation to one side of my face (your right) and left the other side of my face bare. As you can see, it does result in a healthy, skin-like finish. I used an equal combination of the shades Ivory 130, which was a too light for me, and Nude 200.


I’m really digging the less-than-full coverage look right now, and this one is just heavy enough to suite my taste. It doesn’t last a whole eight hours on me, though, without fading away. On the plus side, it doesn’t look bad as it wears off. It just sort of disappears. That’s much preferable to a foundation breaking apart and settling heavily into fine lines. Ultimately, I do recommend this foundation for lighter makeup days, but I’ll also be on the lookout for a better alternative.

Revlon PhotoReady Candid Antioxidant Concealer ($9.99)


While the foundation took some time getting used to, this concealer was an immediate smash hit for me. Dare I say, it’s the best drugstore concealer I’ve used yet. Though it’s not quite to the level of my all-time favorite Frankie Rose My Lil’ Secret Concealer, it’s right up there.

What I love about it is how light and thin the consistency of this formula is while still providing close to full coverage. It doesn’t dry down too fast either, which I’ve experienced with most of the drugstore concealers I’ve tried. This means there’s ample play time to work it over the skin, blending out the edges to nothingness. Unlike the foundation, I’ve had success with almost every form of application, including my fingers, brushes, a dampened beauty sponge, and my Blendiful. In short, it’s easy and reliable. I will definitely be buying this concealer again when I’m out.


The photo above shows the concealer and foundation on one side of my face (your right), while the other side is bare. The concealer definitely brightens up the under eye area, and it lasts for several hours, too. I had set it in place with the lightest dusting of Essence banana powder. I’m really happy with the results and glad to have found this inexpensive concealer.

Finally, the full look with both sides of my face made up, and a bit of blush, bronzer, and highlight added. Again, this is definitely a medium coverage finish, but it still provides a more even skintone. I like it.


Thanks for reading, and hope you’re all staying healthy!

xo Kelli


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