Springtime Purples | The Violets by Juvias Place

Back in February, I was watching one Angelica Nyqvist’s “Going On the Wishlist or Nah” videos, and I did something I’ve never done before. I purchased a palette she featured immediately after finishing the video. On a complete and unexpected whim. 

I’m usually the type to thoroughly research a product and think it over and over in my mind before making the decision to buy. The palette that broke this pattern is one of Juvia’s Place brand new six-pan palettes, The Violets.

I start daydreaming about Springtime blooms and lavendar eyeshadows every year around February. No other color makes me think of Spring quite like it. So, when I saw the Juvia’s Place palette, full of gorgeous, cool-toned lavendars, I immediately fell in love.

At $14.00, this is a very reasonable palette, especially when purchasing it on the fly. It contains two mattes and four shimmers, as you can see in the photos below.

IMG-3677 (1)

Shades swatched row by row from left to right.

My absolute favorite shade in this palette is that icy lavendar on the bottom left. It’s what I have on the inner corners of my eyes in the photos below. Second to that would be the matte lavendar on the far right of the bottom row. Although it’s not the prettiest swatcher, it applies dreamily to the lids. I could probably blend it out in my sleep!

After that, it’s a tie between the metallic mauvy purple on the top center and the matte eggplant tone on the upper right. The deeper metallic purples are beautiful, but I’d say they are a little more difficult to apply than the other eyeshadows. Using your fingers to pat them on the lids is a must, and a spritz of setting spray certainly helps.

In the photos below, I’m wearing all of the shades in one look. I really like how it turned out. You could easily mix and match these shades with other palettes, too!


IMG-5054 (1)

These eyeshadows apply largely the same as the ones in my Juvia’s Place Nubian 3 Coral palette, though The Violets take just a touch more work to build up to full pigmentation. I chalk this up to the fact that they are purples, and, in my experience, purples from even the brands I love (such as ColourPop) almost always tend to be more difficult to blend than other shades. Regardless, these ones are pretty darned impressive.

With the Nubian 3, I had noted that the matte eyeshadows have practically no kickback. The same is true here. I can’t even conjure any kickback in the pan if I try swirling the brush around over and over again. This means the eyeshadows take a little time to build up, but there is minimal fallout.

As I stated earlier, the metallics work best when using your fingers to apply. That seems to be the case for most metallics, so I personally don’t mind. Once on, these eyeshadows stay put, which is comforting. Nobody wants purple racoon eyes.

I’m really happy to own this palette full of violets, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for some purple eyeshadows to add to their collection. I especially love that it only has six shades. It’s refreshing to see brands put out smaller, more curated palettes.

xo Kelli

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