Velvet in a Lipstick Tube | A Review of Lisa Eldridge Makeup

If someone told me they wanted to learn how to apply makeup, my first suggestion would be to watch a Lisa Elderidge tutorial. Short of experimenting with makeup, failing, and trying again, nothing has elevated my game the way her lessons do. I’ve learned the importance of restraint, layering, and taking a step back to look in the mirror and assess before going in with more makeup. She also reminds viewers to consider their unique features. Makeup application is almost never one size fits all.

Her channel is quite literally a treasure chest of cosmetic wisdom. It’s cool that, as an incredibly successful makeup artist (whose work has been featured in all the top beauty mags), she doesn’t have to create online content but does so anyway. I’m so glad about that!

But enough of the gushing. We’re here to talk lipstick! Which is the other thing I’m so very glad she does. If anyone can create an amazing lipstick, it’s Lisa. Her line has been around since the end of 2018 and started with three shades of red in her True Velvet formula, marked by a matte finish and a lipstick bullet that looks like velour. Since then, she has released additional shades and finishes, but my heart was set on True Velvet.

The Details

All of Lisa Eldridge’s lipsticks are available exclusively on her website. They are £26.00, which translates to a little under $34.00. Clearly, not cheap. However, the cost is reflected thoroughly by the expensive look and feel of the lipstick.

From a functional standpoint, the lipstick tube has a strong, magnetic enclosure. The movement of twisting the bullet up and down is smooth and secure. Aesthetically, the brushed antique gold tube exudes old Hollywood glamour. Lisa’s initials, etched in elegant script, adds a personal touch.



Then, there’s the velvet finish of the lipstick itself. Truly a stunner. I’m amazed I was able to get such close-up, detailed pictures! Seriously, have you ever seen a lipstick with such a gorgeous texture? I almost couldn’t bring myself to use it. This kind of detail is what makes the hefty price tag so worth it (not to mention the fact that a makeup legend created them).

The shade I have is Velvet Fawn, a neutral, 1990’s-inspired nude. It’s got an edgy, cool-toned vibe that makes this nude stand out, while having enough warmth to make it flattering on a variety of skin tones.

The Performance

Apprehensive as I was to mar this lovely bullet by swiping it on my lips, I had to test it out. My number one concern with any matte lipstick is dryness. The texture of this one is anything but. It applies smoothly and comfortably, without any skipping or tugging on the lips.  

When I first applied this lipstick, I was surprised to note that it actually feels velvety. It’s lightweight and soft on the lips–almost like gossamer. I’ve never worn a matte that has this texture, but I wish more of them did!


In these photos, I applied the lipstick by itself, without any liner, to show the true color of it. To create a crisp, liner-like outline, I simply perfected the edges using my Sephora lip brush after taking a first pass over my lips with the bullet itself.

Throughout the day, this wears beautifully, fading evenly if you don’t reapply it. If you do reapply–and you won’t need to much–it stays as vibrant and lovely as the initial application (which is important to note, since some lipsticks begin to look overly thick or patchy with consecutive layers throughout the day).


All in all, I am more than happy with this formula, and I absolutely think it’s worth the price. There is no doubt that a lot of love and thought went into the making of it.

xo Kelli


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