Testing the Allure Editors’ Favorite | February 2020

Allure has been a staple magazine sitting on my mom’s vanity since as long as I can remember. It was the first beauty publication I ever loved, and the one that sparked my fascination with makeup. What makes Allure stand out is the educational nature of its content. I always come away having learned something after poring through its glossy pages.

When my husband, Jake, and I visited my parents a couple weekends ago, my mom mentioned she had a blog post idea. She brought out the February edition of Allure and flipped through the pages, landing on one labeled “Editors’ Favorites.” “Why don’t you review one of these?” she asked.

How could I resist?

So here we are. A lovely idea courtesy of my mom, and the first installment of a new series here on Sugarlaced. Every month, I’ll be reviewing at least one product recommended by Allure’s editors to see if it’s worth the investment.

This month, two products caught my eye: a new Maybelline mascara and L’Oreal’s Rouge Signature Matte Lip Stains. Originally, my mom and I were intrigued by the lip stains, so we perused the range at Ulta. We were disappointed to find a lack of consistency. Tubes of lipstick labeled as being the same shade looked vastly different from one another. This was the case for a few of the shades, so I don’t think it chalks up to wrong labeling. Ultimately, this was a turn off, and I decided to get the mascara instead.

The Recommendation: Maybelline New York The Falsies Lash Lift Mascara

Price: $10.49 at Ulta (price varies by purveyor)

What the Editor Says: According to Senior Beauty Editor Cotton Codinha, “The hourglass-shaped brush and fiber-rich formula instantly bulk up the wispiest lashes. We felt like we were wearing fakes–but with none of the fuss.”


My Experience

First off, I really like the hourglass shape of the mascara wand. It hugs the lashes nicely and coats them evenly. It is reminiscent of Too Faced Better Than Sex, L’Oreal Lash Paradise, and Covergirl Exhibitionist–a current favorite. I guess every brand wants their version of an hourglass wand these days! This one is slimmer than the others, which means I’m less likely to smudge mascara outside of the lashes.

In terms of performance, I don’t entirely agree with Allure’s assessment, though I do enjoy using this mascara quite a bit. It does a great job of defining, lengthening, and separating the lashes. However, it doesn’t truly “bulk” them up in a voluminous way. I personally don’t mind this, as overly thick lashes can obscure my already minimal lid space. I do prefer a little bit more volume than what this mascara provides, though. So, for that reason, Covergirl Exhibitionist still reigns as a current favorite.

Here’s a photo of me wearing the mascara only on my left eye (your right), just so that you can see the difference. I did not curl my lashes prior to applying.


Again, it really lengthens and separates my lashes. But, I’m not seeing how this mascara could replace falsies, as Allure states. It doesn’t curl the lashes on its own either. However, I have used this mascara after curling my lashes, and the result is much more dramatic and eye-opening. In fact, I love this mascara when used that way. If you’re curious to try it, I would definitely recommend curling your eyelashes.

Here’s what it looks like when I coat both lashes:


Bonus Review!

Although not featured in Allure, I also picked up Maybelline’s new Hyper Easy Waterproof Liquid Liner, which is $8.99 at Ulta. I’m always on the hunt for a liquid liner that will perform well on hooded lids. This one intrigued me because it has a brush tip rather than foam, which is what most drugstore liquid liners seem to be composed of. I find that a brush tip works better on my hooded lids because I can drag the liner across my lash line without it skipping or bleeding. I’m wearing it in the photos above.


Just as I had hoped, this liner performs nicely. I am able to draw a crisp line, winging it out into a sharp point. It dries down to a matte finish and is pitch black. The component itself is incredibly light–almost feather light–in the hands. I love the sleek hexagonal shape, too.

If I had to choose between the mascara or this, I’d go with the liner for sure. But, all in all, they’re both nice products. 

xo Kelli

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5 thoughts on “Testing the Allure Editors’ Favorite | February 2020

  1. It’s so cute that you Mom gives you blog post ideas!! I still haven’t told my mom about my blog xD

    It’s interesting to hear a different take on products recommended by allure. I have yet to find a mascara that actually curls my lashes on it’s own, so I always have to use a lash curler. I love the look this mascara gives you for everyday but I agree that it doesn’t completely replace falsies! But who wears falsies everyday anyways?

    I need to get that brush tip liner!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I haven’t really found a mascara that truly curls my lashes either–I think maybe the closest I’ve come is Benefit Rollerball. And, yeah, the claim that something replaces falsies never means too much to me because if I really want that false lash look–I’ll just wear falsies, lol 😛

      Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. yes that’s a good point about the false lash effect, you might as well wear false lashes then! I haven’t tried benefit rollerball, so I’ll keep it in mind x


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