Daytime Valentine’s Look | Pretty Pink Eyes

This all-matte Valentine’s eye makeup uses basic techniques to create a festive, wearable daytime look. Follow my steps below to recreate it!

First, I used a small, fluffy brush to swipe a dark pink eyeshadow over the entire crease of my eye, blending it well from the inner to outer corner. Next, I used concealer on a short, flat brush to create a cut-crease on the center of my lid. While the concealer set, I dipped an angled brush into the same dark pink shadow and lined my lower lash line, blending it well. Then, I chose a light pink to use over my entire lid, completely covering the concealer and pulling it toward the inner corner of my eye. I went back in with the fluffy brush and, without adding product, swiped it over my crease a couple of times to blend the two colors together.

To keep things soft for daytime wear, I decided to forego a true eyeliner and instead used eyeshadow. I dipped an angled brush into a matte black shadow (dark brown would work well for this, too) and tight-lined my upper lid. On the lower lid, I packed on some black over the pink that was already there and pulled it up to meet the black on my upper lid at the outer corner of my eye.

I swept a little highlighter onto the inner corners and upper brow bone, applied mascara, and that was it! It would be very easy to intensify this eye look by winging the eyeliner, adding a bit of shimmer to the center of the lid, or playing up the face with a bold blush or lip color.



xoxo Carly

Products used: 

Eyeshadow (dark pink): Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Palette in Poet 

Eyeshadow (light pink/black): Tarte Cosmetics Tartlette Palette in Caregiver/Fashionista

Highlighter: Wet n’ Wild Megaglow Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals

Foundation: Lancôme Teinte Miracle Radiant Foundation

Eyebrow Pencil: What I’ve Been Loving Lately | January 2020

Lip Gloss: Morphe Lip Gloss in Frose

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