Scott Barnes’ Blush Palette | A Review

When my mom surprised me with Scott Barnes’ Chic Cheek Nº1 Blush Palette under the Christmas tree, I felt just like my six-year-old self opening up a brand new Barbie doll. Absolutely ecstatic. You see, blush is my favorite type of makeup product. Not only does it bring the face back to life after applying foundation and powder, but it can be a statement unto itself.

This certainly must be the sentiment behind Scott Barne’s palette, with its semi-eclectic range of shades. And this is exactly why I was drawn to it (in addition to the slick packaging). So, did my expectations of this palette live up to reality? Read on to find out!

The Details
This palette costs $58.00 and contains six blushes and two blush “amplifiers” that can be used as cheek toppers or highlighters, depending on your skin tone. The cost works out to only $7.25 per pan–a great deal considering how expensive a luxury blush single can often be. The palette is composed of a sturdy cardboard that magnetically latches shut.


I have to be honest, when Scott introduced his new palettes on Tati’s channel, I immediately fell in love with them based on packaging alone. I was ready to buy one no matter what the insides looked like! With Chic Cheek, the blocky baby pink font over a white, matte background is strikingly modern in its simplicity. The whole thing feels like art. So, A+++ to that!


The outer cover also adds beautifully to the aesthetic, reflecting what’s inside and the artistic playfulness meant to be had when using this palette. These blushes are not solely for the cheeks. According to the brand’s website, “Scott designed Chic Cheek to paint color throughout the face, not exclusively to cheeks. Its multi-use is so appealing that you might find it’s the answer you didn’t know you needed.”

So, feel free to sweep them over the eyes, the bridge of the nose, the edges of the forehead, or anywhere else you might fancy!

The Shades
What makes this palette truly unique and versatile is the variety of shades included in it. Perhaps intimidating at first glance, these shades are actually very flattering. “Mango Fizz,” for example, does not look particularly wearable, but on the cheeks it adds a much subtler sun-kissed glow than what the pan suggests. This is true of all the shades, though they can be built up to greater intensity.


To provide a more accurate representation of what these blushes and amplifiers look like, I applied them to my arms with a brush.  As a result, the swatches look fainter than my eyeshadow swatches do. This is a good thing. Blushes that appear overly saturated when first applied to the skin can be difficult to work with.

Top to bottom: Showy, Glowy, Minimalist, Sweet Cheeks, Mango Fizz, Rosé, Strike A Rose, and Crush N’ Blush

As you can see, these blushes don’t look nearly as intimidating when brushed onto the skin. In fact, I find them to be expertly balanced in tone. Scott’s fine arts education (he was previously a painter!) really comes to light here. There is an extra level of knowledge and understanding of color that went into the making of these blushes, which mix and match excellently.

The Performance & Looks
I’ll cut straight to the point; Scott’s blush formula has become an instant favorite. They apply so smoothly, blending out with little effort over the cheeks. All the blush shades are consistent in formula, and they stay put for several hours without fading.

Equally impressive and buttery smooth are the two amplifiers, which apply more like highlighter. I’m obsessed with “Showy” as an everyday shine on the cheek, while “Glowy” looks lovely swept over the blushes.

On the website, Scott mentions that there is “extremely minimal fallout and kickback on the brush,” and this is so true. Before I even read that, I had remarked to myself how little product flies up from the pans when dipping into them. Although I’m not averse to powdery formulas when it means extreme blendability, these are not lacking in that quality at all. In fact, they are some of the easiest blushes I’ve worked with.

With that, I wanted to share some pictures of these lovely blushes all decked out on the cheeks. In the first photo below, I’m wearing “Minimalist.” Truly a perfect everyday nude. I topped off the high points of my cheeks with “Showy.”


In the next photo, I draped “Rosé” over the cheeks and ever-so-slightly around the temples. I will never not be obsessed with bright bubble gum pink blushes, and this one does not disappoint. It applies true to color but toned down just enough so as not to look garish.


In the last two photos, I tried my hand at layering different shades from the palette. First up, “Strike A Rose” swept all over the cheeks with “Crush N’ Blush” tapped gently over it.


Finally, my most favorite combination of all from this palette: “Sweet Cheeks” layered over “Mango Fizz” with a hit of “Glowy” on the apples. This look gives me all the juicy tropical fruit vibes, and I can only imagine it would look even better over a tan.


Final Thoughts
For all the reasons described above, I give this palette my full stamp of approval! It is perfectly suitable for everyday makeup and editorial adventures alike. Each shade is purposeful and the array of potential looks is inspiring. What’s more, this palette is easy to use and beautiful to look at. I couldn’t be more happy to own it, and I’m now rather curious about Scott’s other palettes, too!

xoxo Kelli

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