Juvia’s Place Nubian 3 Coral Palette | Review

Juvia’s Place comes out with some of the most interesting color stories. I’ve wanted to try an eyeshadow palette from the brand for a long time, but it’s not often I order an item before seeing or swatching it in person. Luckily, Ulta now sells a selection of Juvia’s Place products in store, and it’s there that I picked up the Nubian 3 Coral palette.

Actually, my husband treated me to the palette after noticing me staring at it multiple times during the course of our shopping trip. Usually, I’m not a fan of corals on the eyelids. They are often too peachy-pink for my taste. These are more terracotta orange, and I don’t have anything quite like them in my collection.

That’s not why I was drawn to this palette though. It’s the grays. A smoky grey eye is so underrated, and these ones looked perfect. The question is, did the palette live up to all the hype this brand receives?


The Details

First, let’s get to the details. It costs $20.00 and contains 12 shades in a mix of mattes and shimmers. The palette itself is composed of an extremely lightwight cardboard. I would say it feels even lighter than the ColourPop palettes I own. This makes it quite travel friendly, though it does not contain a mirror. The design on the outside and inside of the palette is absolutely gorgeous. It’s the brand’s iconic aesthetic, and it’s just as pretty in real life as it looks on screen.

The Swatches

Although the swatches below look nice, it took a bit of work to get there. The shimmers swatched easily, but I had to dip into a few of the mattes more than once to make them visible on my arms. That being said, swatches are rarely a testament to how eyeshadows perform on the eyes. For this reason, I approach swatches as a way of examining what the different colors and finishes in a palette look like on skin. I reserve judgment regarding performance until after I’ve apply new eyeshadows to my lids.

As a note, the shades in this palette are unnamed, but it should be easy enough to identify where each swatch derives from in relation to the picture below. I started with the top left shade and went row by row until I reached the bottom right shade.




The Quality

With these eyeshadows, the difficult swatching process was not reflective of how they perform on the eyes. Juvia’s Place is known for its highly pigmented, easy to blend formula. I agree, but with one caveat. The mattes do not appear at full pigment when first applied to the lid. They initially deposit as an even wash that blends out smoothly. It takes additional layers to bring them to full pigmentation, but they get there with very little work.

Additionally, there is almost no kick-up when dipping a brush into the palette and very little fallout when applying it to the eye. In fact, I’ve been experimenting with doing my foundation and concealer before my eyes when using this palette, and I haven’t had any fallout issues thus far. This is impressive, as I almost always start with my eyes so that I can wipe away any powder that falls down.

When applying the shimmers, it’s easiest to use a finger to pack them over the lid and a small, dense pencil brush to apply them to the inner corners. This is the case for most shimmer or metallic eyeshadows I’ve used. These ones have such a light, thin consistency, which I like because they don’t emphasize the creases on my hooded lids like thicker shimmers sometimes do. But, they show up beautifully.

The Looks

To show off the shades, I created three looks using each of the three color families in the palette: gray, brown, and coral.

First off, the grays. It was so easy to create the look below. The pale stone shade on the bottom row of the palette makes for an excellent transition shade with the deeper slate gray. The result is a soft, smoky gray eye that can be worn day or night.


Next, the browns. I love these shades for an everyday soft glam look. The browns have such a flattering undertone. While I kept the look fairly subdued, it could be built up to a more dramatic finish, especially if the dark espresso shimmer were used all over the lid rather than just on the outer corner (like I did).


Finally, the corals. Much to my surprise, this might be my favorite look despite the grays being my favorite shades. I created a halo eye to show off the light coral shimmer in the center of  my eyelids, and the effect is quite dramatic.


So, what are my final thoughts? Well, if it counts for anything, I’ve already purchased another palette from Juvia’s Place that I hope to review soon! But, really, I’m quite happy with the formula. These eyeshadows are reliable, interesting, and easy to work with. What more can you really ask for?

As a whole, the palette is very beginner friendly and perfect for those with little time to get ready in the morning. This is due to the buildable, non-messy nature of the eyeshadows and the intuitive color sceme. It is easy enough to stick to one of the three color families in the palette or to pair the corals with either the browns or the grays. I wouldn’t personally use the browns and grays together, but that’s just me.

Have you tried any products from Juvia’s Place? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

xoxo Kelli

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