10 Makeup Trends That Will Be Big in 2020

It’s that time of year again! Time to predict what trends will take over Instagram feeds, beauty magazines, and bedroom vanities over the next 12 months. This time, it’s the start of a fresh, new decade!

Based on my research, it seems 2020 will be a colorful, daring, and artsy year for makeup–much like last year. There are no boundaries in what you can do to express yourself cosmetically. Whatever vibe you’re feeling, there’s a makeup product for that, and it’s probably available in both drugstore and high-end makeup aisles.

With so many options, what trends will set off the new twenties?

Pastel Hues
Last year was marked by an explosion of colorful eyeshadow palettes. Suddenly, it was cool to wear neon green on the eyes. I’m happy to report that colorful eyeshadow is not going anywhere. Phew! But, 2020 will see a relatively untapped version of this trend come to the surface. That is, pastels.

Already, brands are releasing palettes filled with shades reminiscent of plastic Easter eggs and 1980’s prom dresses. This includes Dior’s Spring 2020 collection, Glow Vibes, and palette number eight from Fenty Beauty’s recent eyeshadow drop, Pastel Frost.

Watercolor Application
If you’re wondering how to wear pastel eyeshadow, consider this next trend. Watercolor-style makeup is marked by shades that blend into each other in such a way that you can’t tell where one begins and the other ends. There are no harsh edges or defined lines, just impressions of color surrounding the features. Pastels work perfectly due to their soft, ethereal nature. 

Interested in giving this a try? Lisa Eldridge’s watercolor blush technique seems fairly accessible, and the finished look is the stuff of dreams.

Classic Blue
Like it or not, the Pantone color of the year seems to have an influence on makeup trends. This year’s winner is Classic Blue, donned by Pantone as a “universal favorite.” It might not be as splashy as Living Coral, but it’s a shade anyone can incorporate into their makeup routine. Just smudge a cobalt or navy blue liner across the lash line for an easy but chic look.

1960’s Revival
In contrast to the whimsical nature of a watercolor eye is the bold, graphic punch of the 1960’s-inspired cut creases popping up all over Instagram. It’s all about creating the illusion of a larger-than-life eye, much like what Twiggy, Penelope Tree, and Jean Shrimpton wore. For a fresh take on this look, keep your lashes long and separated, but not spidery. Loreal’s new Bambi Eye mascara looks perfect for this.

Comfortable Lipstick
Last year, the lipstick bullet made a triumphant comeback, and it’s here to stay. Beyond that, it’s hard to discern any significant patterns in what others have predicted to be the lip trends of 2020. I’ve seen predictions for vinyl lips, glossy lips, bold lips, and blurred. In fact, the most consistent theme is what’s left out: matte liquid lipstick. Comfort is in, and that means we’ll only see more hydrating, lip-friendly formulas make their way onto the market.

Less-Than-Full Coverage
Like the previous trend, I’m not sure there will be any one theme that comes to the forefront for base makeup. It’s about what we’re moving away from. Full coverage foundation has had a long run, but now we’re opting for lighter, more life-like finishes, ranging anywhere from medium-full to sheer formulas. As a result, I think we’ll also see more nuanced techniques being used on the face to cover blemishes, like pinpoint concealing. Follow Lisa Eldridge’s technique to make your skin look flawless, without the heavy foundation.

Off-Beat Blush
Blush is getting a color lift in 2020. Think yellows, oranges, reds, lavenders, and cotton candy pinks. This may sound risky, but a good blush should be gradually buildable. Often, what looks intimidating in the pan is much softer on the cheeks. And, some of the shades I’ve listed are strangely flattering. Yellows and oranges, for example, can bring out a sunkissed warmth to the skin. NYX has some interesting shades in its Sweet Cheeks Creamy Powder Blush line–including a matte yellow–if you want to try this trend without breaking the bank.

Silver Accents
Over the past several years, gold has reigned supreme. Not just in the beauty world, but with jewelry and home decor, too. That’s due to change this year–for makeup, at least. A touch of silver liner or eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eyes can make any look pop, and it can pair well with warm and cool shades alike. My favorite way to wear silver? Across the inner third of my lower lashline. ColorPop’s eyeshadow single, On a Whimsy, is the perfect true silver (read about it in my review, here).

Body Glitter
You read that right. Body glitter, the teenybop staple of the late nineties and early aughts. Anybody remember Art Stuff? Blazin’ Blueberry was my scent! Except now, body glitter is all grown up. Forget the goopy glitter gels of yesteryear. Today, we have an assortment of refined, sparkly oils and powdered highlighters available specifically for the body. Applied over the decolletage and shoulders, glitter can look downright sultry. To keep it classy, use a product with ultra-fine particles, like Fenty Beauty’s Diamond Bomb Highlighter.

If there is one overarching theme for 2020, it’s individuality. It’s about embracing makeup as a way of expressing yourself, not just covering up blemishes. So, wear it how you want. Love a hot pink lip? Go for it. Interested in wearing different colored shadows on each eye? Try it out. Into all things neutral and want to stay in that lane? That’s what you should do. This is all to say there are no boundaries. Follow the trends or don’t. Just make sure whatever it is, it’s what you want to do.

For my 2020 trends look, I created the Twiggy-inspired cut-crease below using some of the deeper shades from my Blue Blood palette (to invoke Classic Blue) and the matte white from Blood Sugar. To keep it retro, I cut the crease without the use of concealer. Though effective, that technique never works well with my deepset, hooded eyes, and the result is too “Insta-perfect” for what I was going for. Instead, I drew an initial outline using a small tightlining brush and blended it out with a pencil brush to create a graphic crease.


Since Twiggy’s staple feature is her drawn on lower lashes, I couldn’t resist trying my hand at it. Here again I used a tightlining brush to apply thin lines of eyeshadow. Next time, I’d opt for liquid liner for a more precise finish.

To play up the other trends, I chose a magenta blush that’s bold in the pan but soft on the cheeks and applied a Pat McGrath lipstick in Sextrology. It is a matte, but it’s pretty darned comfortable.  Although I only own full coverage foundations at the moment (and probably will continue to–no one says you have to follow the trends!), I applied it as lightly as possible. I’d say there’s a dash of individuality in the final look as well. After all, this is no textbook 1960’s eye.


Let me know in the comments what you think the trends will be this year. Do you agree or disagree with my predictions? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

xoxo Kelli


2 thoughts on “10 Makeup Trends That Will Be Big in 2020

  1. I love this looks so much! I also think that like every year, some of the trends will be easy to incorporate into day to day life like less than full coverage makeup and comfortable lipsticks, and trend like off beat blushes might not be. It will be fun to see what the year brings!

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