What I’ve Been Loving Lately | January 2020

Here’s what I’ve been reading, wearing, and detoxing with this January!


Collagen Peptides 

I put a scoop of these anti-aging, unflavored collagen peptides into my coffee every morning. It gives the coffee a nice, smooth mouthfeel. Skeptical that powdered cows can make your skin glow? I heard Jennfier Aniston takes peptides daily, and the way she looks is enough to say they must do something! 


The Joy of Missing Out 

This book challenges our #allthethings culture and encourages us to pursue a more productive, fulfilled life by learning to say “no” to things that don’t move us towards our goals. I’m reading it for the second time and I cannot recommend it more. 


e.l.f. Instant Lift Brow Pencil

For just $2.00, this pencil is awesome! It has a precise tip to help make brows look full and defined. Plus it comes with what I deem as a necessary spooly on the opposite end of the pencil. 


Turmeric-Ginger Tea

This delicious, detoxifying tea is so warming on a cold night. I found it at a local coffee roaster called Hansa, but it’s also available online. It’s been a great gut-healer after indulging over the holidays.


Sweater Leggings

I’ve been living in these leggings this winter! This pair is from American Eagle. High waisted with a fitted ankle, they are super soft and cozy. 

Hope your 2020 is off to a great start!

xo Carly


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