Benefit Cosmetics Hello Happy Flawless Brightening Foundation

My sister doesn’t wear makeup. She might own a mascara and perhaps a Chapstick, but other than that, God made her with features that don’t require any enhancement from the cosmetic industry. She has a beautiful complexion, thick, dark eyelashes and eyebrows, gorgeous cheekbones, flowing brunette hair; she’s a natural beauty. I really needn’t go on, but I’ll also add that she’s super intelligent, has a great personality, is genuinely kind, and is on the market, if you know any guys who are literally perfect and worthy of her. 😉

Anyways, she wanted to start a makeup collection so she’d have a few basics on hand some social events happening this summer. On her list was a bottle of foundation – her first ever. So, we went to Ulta, perused the aisles, and chatted with the beauty advisor there, who encouraged us to try Benefit’s new liquid foundation, the Hello Happy Flawless Brightening Foundation.

My sister bought one, so did I, and now I’m blogging about it. So let’s get into it.


The Details:

The bottle is $30.00 for one ounce, and it comes in a frosted bottle with a pump. There are 12 shades available, and it is listed as a medium coverage foundation with a 12-hour wear time. Other highlights include the inclusion of hyaluronic acid on the ingredient list and an SPF of 15.

The Application and Wear:

Firstly, this is definitely not a full coverage foundation. Which is fine, because, as I mention above, that is not the promise here. It is buildable to a certain point, but I would say that this is low-to-medium coverage over the advertised “medium”. I find it starts to get cakey when blending in the second layer.  It blurs decently over pores and fine lines, but it won’t completely cover major flaws or blemishes. The wear time is fine, although I do find myself needing a touch up of powder here and there throughout the day.

To comment on the adjectives “flawless” and “brightening” that are used in the name of this product. Brightening, it is. The named “photochromic pigments” used in the formula, along with the hydrating hyaluronic acid, make for a glowing, healthy looking result.

As for making the skin look flawless, I think it depends what you’re used to and/or looking for in a foundation. This foundation certainly makes my skin look better, and it sits naturally and comfortably on my face, but it’s not enough coverage to allow me to confidently say it makes my complexion look “flawless”.

No filter after about 8 hours of wear in some major summer heat.

My Thoughts:

I’ll  continue to use this product throughout the summer. It’s really perfect for the season: light and natural, has SPF coverage, and contributes to a healthy, “no-makeup makeup” look that goes great with some beach waves and a drink in hand. And for someone who doesn’t normally wear makeup, like my sister, this is a great product to dabble in, for it doesn’t completely transform the face and is quite comfortable to wear.

Have you tried it yet? Let me know in the comments below!

xoxo Carly

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11 thoughts on “Benefit Cosmetics Hello Happy Flawless Brightening Foundation

  1. I’ve not tried this yet. I get wary about purchasing anything other than drugstore foundations because you can’t return them here and if I hated it, that’s a lot of money to waste, ya know? I liked your review though. I might consider it.


    1. Actually, you can return items that are the wrong shade at Ulta! I believe you just have to have your original packaging and receipt! This one is nice too because while still a little more expensive, it’s still cheaper than a lot of other prestige brands!

      Thanks for reading!


      1. Yeah they don’t have Ulta here in Canada and where I live the stores don’t accept returns!! It sucks. But I get it. The cosmetics industry is tough.


      2. Yeah! The one store here that sells higher-end makeup doesn’t have testers. It’s a hugeeeeeeeeeee suck. Anyways, sorry for ranting. I liked your post.


  2. Ulta convinced me to buy it when i went in for mac full coverage its cakey and migrates from my tzone i really dont care for it too much i needed longwear fullcoverage and oil free i told them at ulta i need staying power n im oily af. I hope i kept the reciept. I will exchange it i gave it a few days to try, with a mattifie, without and with n without primer setting spray setting powder etc. Still the same the powder makes it worse. Setting spray doesnt help i used UD. And lancomes both give it an oily sheen. I put powder it cakes up n looks disgusting. Very disappointed. I wanted to like this.


    1. I actually had a recommendation from the Ulta employee as well. She said “Benefit finally did something right with this foundation”. I’m not overly oily, but with the summer heat, I need to touch up with powder if I want to keep the shine away. As I’m wearing it more I agree – not the best 😦


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