Three Valentine’s Looks Using Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ Blood Sugar Palette

Valentine’s Day is an inspiring time for makeup lovers! I, for one, have been swooning over the red, pink, and purple looks I’ve been seeing all over Instagram and other social media platforms this month. So, I wanted to add a few more into the mix, and I can’t think of a more appropriate palette for the holiday of love (and candy) than Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ Blood Sugar Palette.

My husband treated me to Blood Sugar for Christmas, and I couldn’t have been more over the moon. I’d had my eye on this palette for a while, but it was (and still is) perpetually out of stock. This is not a new product, so the fact that it keeps getting sold out is a testament to its popularity. Now, I’ve only begun to play around with it, so I’m not giving a formal review today. But, I am going to share three Valentine’s Day-inspired looks I’ve created with it.

But first, here’s a list of the products I used in each of the three looks you’ll see below:

Whew! That’s already a lot of product, isn’t it? Most of these items were applied as you’d imagine them to be. But, I did use the concealer as eye primer in addition to applying it under my eyes. I then set the concealer on my eyelids with the RCMA powder and my under-eye areas with the Essence banana powder. The Maybelline Fit Me Powder was used to set my foundation.

With that, let’s get into the looks!

Be Mine

Winged liner and red lips. A classic combination if there ever was one. Feel free to make the wing more dramatic or subtle, depending on your style.

IMG_0690 (2)

IMG_0696 (2)

***All shades from the Blood Sugar palette are italicized***

To replicate this look:

1.) Draw a wing with liquid liner. I used Makeup Revolution’s Renaissance Flick Eyeliner Pen.

2.) Layer black eyeshadow on top of your wing to set it and fill in any gaps. I used Fashionista from the Tartelette palette.

3.) Blend Sugarcane above the crease of your eye toward the brow, but not all the way.

4.) Using a crease brush, apply Cake Mix right below Sugarcane but just above your crease, blending slightly upward.

5.) Place Glucose all over the mobile lid using your finger or a flat shader brush, making sure not to cover up the liner. If the liner dulls, reapply black eyeshadow on top.

6.) On the brow bone and inner corner of your eye, apply a light, shimmery shade. I used Moony from ColourPop’s Dream St. palette because it imparts barely any color, just a neutral sheen.

7.) Blend a combination of Sugarcane and Cake Mix under the eye and apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes, concentrating the heaviest amount of product on the outer corner lashes to accentuate the winged shape.

8.) Apply a nude blush along your cheekbones, creating a slightly sculpted look. I used Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blush in Paaarty.

9.) Apply highlighter–preferably a champagne or pale gold for this look. I tapped ColourPop’s Super Shock Highlighter in Wisp on the high points of my cheeks.

9.) Line your lips (may I suggest MAC’s lip pencil in Brick?) and top it off with a classic red. Doesn’t get much more classic than MAC’s Russian Red, which is what I used.

Candy Hearts

Sugary-sweet, rosy hues make the loveliest of smokey eyes. Add some wispy lashes, and this look is downright romantic. Perfect for a Valentine’s date.



To replicate this look: 

1.) Blend Sugarcane above the crease of your eye toward the brow, but not all the way.

2.) Using a paddle brush, sweep Cavity from the outer third of your eye into the crease, blending until any harsh lines are gone. Repeat.

3.) With a smaller detail or crease brush, apply Root Canal to the outer “V” of the eye, blending slightly upward into the crease.

4.) Apply Candy Floss all over the mobile lid from the inner corner outward. Then, sweep more Candy Floss on the brow bone.

5.) For the bottom lash line, follow the gradation of the eyeshadow above, placing Candy Floss on the innermost portion of the lash line, Cavity in the middle, and Root Canal on the end. Make sure each shade is well blended.

6.) Tap a sparkly eyeshadow topper or highlighter all over the mobile lid. I used my Fenty Diamond Bomb highlighter for this.

7.) Apply false lashes. I used Ardell Natural falsies in 110 Black, and I cut mine so that they end about half-way across my lid. Then, apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

8.) Sweep a bright, matte pink blush along your cheekbones to give them a sculpted look. For this I used a Bobbi Brown blush in Pale Pink.

9.) Swirl a light, shimmery pink blush on the apples of your cheeks (yes, more blush!) for a pretty, flushed look. I used Ulta’s Mineral Blush in Sweet Pea.

10.) Apply highlighter from your cheek bones toward your temples and up onto your brow bones, in a large V-shape. Here I used my Fenty highlighter again for a sparkly finish.

11.) Line your lips with a nude liner and top with a pink lipstick. I used my Milani lip liner in Nude and a Laura Mercier liquid lipstick in Petal Pink.

Burning For You

A halo of crimson surrounds the eyes, wrapping them in a fiery haze. They say red is the color of love, but it’s more like that of passion. This look is no exception.

IMG_0736 (3)

IMG_0735 (2)

To replicate this look:

1.) Blend Sugarcane above the crease of your eye toward the brow, but not all the way.

2.) Now, begin to create a halo eye. Using a paddle brush, apply Prick to the middle of the eye, blending upward into the crease.

3.) Dip the same paddle brush into Cherry Soda, applying it on each side of the Prick pigment you just applied, blending upward.

4.) Using a smaller paddle or detail brush, apply Fresh Meat on each side of the Cherry Soda pigment, blending upward.

5.) Without dipping it into any other shades, gently sweep the paddle brush you previously used over the tops of the eyeshadow you just placed to blend out. Be careful not to blend too much or you wont see the gradient effect.

6.) Using your finger, apply Blood Sugar on either side of Prick.

7.) Apply Sweetener to the very center of the eyelid to give the eye a dramatic sheen.

8.) Retouch any areas of the halo eye that may have faded.

9.) Follow the same gradation of colors on the lower lash line, with Sweetener in the very center, fading into Fresh Meat on the very ends of the lash line.

10.) Apply whatever highlighter you plan on using to your inner corners and brow bones. I used Champagne Pop by Becca. Finish off with mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

11.) Sweep a tawny blush all over your cheeks and lightly over the bridge of your nose. I used Amaretto from the Becca X Jaclyn Hill Face Palette (sadly, no longer available). This should create a slightly sun-tanned look.

12.) Apply the same highlighter you used on your eyes to the high points of your cheeks.

13.) Line your lips with a nude lip liner and top with a slightly lighter nude lipstick. Here I used an Ulta lip liner in Flesh and my favorite liquid lipstick: Mannequin by Jeffree Star.

14.) Top your lipstick off with a nude gloss, such as NYX Butter Gloss in Madeleine.

Which of these looks do you like best? I’m partial to Candy Hearts, but I also can’t resist purple and pink eyeshadow. Hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day ❤

xoxo Kelli


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