Thrive Causemetics Brillant Eye Brightener

Advertisements for Thrive Causemetics’ Brilliant Eye Brightener have been just flooding my social media feeds lately. They feature glowing testimonials from beauty influencers, praising the product for its ability to provide “an instant eye-lift” and the façade of a good night’s sleep. As a mother who hasn’t seen a full night of sleep in well over a year, my interest was instantly peaked.


I purchased the Eye Brightener in the shade “Stella”, the lighter of two color options. As directed, I have been applying it to the inner corner of my eye, my bottom lash line, water line, and above and below my brow bone. I’ve also tried using it on part of my eyelid when I have no eye shadow on.



As promised, this pencil adds a nice, bright highlight to a completed makeup look, and definitely perks up a face with minimal makeup. Even though the color is described as a “champagne shimmer”, it offers more than I anticipated, so I don’t particularly like it on my eyes on its own. For me, the sparkle looks a little out of place on a completely blank canvas. It works great for a “no-makeup” makeup look, though!

The formula is extremely creamy, so much so that I would hate to bump it up against the cap, because it would surely leave a serious dent in the pencil. However, the creaminess offers for a smooth and forgiving application. Even when too much is applied, say, under the brow bone, I can easily wipe it off or blend it in with my finger. It could also be blended onto the cheeks or cupid’s bow for a different application. In fact, the Thrive Causemetics website suggests using it as an eye primer, suggesting that this product is quite multi-functional.


It wears pretty well, although since the formula is so pliable, I wouldn’t trust it on a humid day or over eye cream. I noticed it melts a little throughout the day. And unfortunately, it does not stay on my water line. This doesn’t bother me too much, because as we all know, that test is a tough one to pass!


Overall, I like this pencil. I’m not as head-over-heels as other online reviewers, but it’s definitely something I will keep in my collection for a while. Any tips or tricks on how you use this product? Or perhaps you have a cream eye liner that stays on your water line? If you do, I’d love to know!

xoxo Carly




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