9 Trends I Predict Will Be Big in 2019

Beauty trends may be fleeting, but they’re also really fun. I’ve always enjoyed the inspiration they bring to my makeup routine. But, lately, there are so many trends that it’s hard to know which ones will be most prominent and impactful to the beauty industry as a whole.

After researching several articles and flipping through the looks featured by designers during the Spring 2019 Fashion Week shows, I wasn’t able to identify many consistent trends. One designer features no-makeup makeup looks and another goes full 80’s. Some say pastels will be the thing, and others claim it will be jewel tones. Because of these discrepancies, I wanted to share the trends I think will be popular, based on the types of makeup I’ve been noticing on Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms.

So without further ado, here are the nine trends I predict for 2019:

Naturally Full Brows
Rihanna’s attempt to resurrect pencil-thin brows in 2018 didn’t stick, thank goodness. Thick brows will remain top, though we’re starting to see a departure from the blocky, overdrawn Insta-brows of the past couple years. Now, it’s all about using pencils, powders, pomades, or a combination thereof to make your brows as full as possible, while still looking natural.

Lime Green is the New Yellow
2018’s favorite eyeshadow color is morphing into it’s quirky cousin, lime green. While shades of bright green in general will likely be popular in 2019, I predict that lime green will be the apex of this trend. And why shouldn’t it? It’s delightfully loud. Apply lime green eyeshadow in a bold, geometric streak over the lid or softly buff the edges to create a modern look.

Statement Blush
While contouring with blush, aka “draping”, poked up here and there as a trend in 2018, it never fully caught on. I think (and hope) that will change this year. It seems it might not even be confined to using blush to sculpt the face. A blown-out, saturated flush on the apples of the cheeks would be equally dramatic. The takeaway is, don’t be afraid to go ham with blush.

Floating Eyeliner
This is a weird, but cool, trend that is cropping up. It’s not one we haven’t seen before, but it really jibes with the bold colors 2019 is apt to bring. It’s pretty easy, too. Just “float” your liner above your lash line, or create triangular wings on the outer corners that do not actually connect to the eyes. Liner, take flight!

Glitter, Glitter Galore
Glitter was popular last year, but it’s going to be REALLY popular this year. On the lids, lips, cheekbones, body, and, well, just about everywhere. Not only will glitter be the thing to don your face with, but it appears brands are starting to embrace glitter-centric packaging. The most unique rendition of this trend so far? Glitter-encrusted lipstick.

Colorful Eyes + Vibrant Lips
One of the more gutsy trends in 2019 will be the pairing of colorful eye makeup with bright lipstick. Think a bright red pout and baby blue lids. Or, pair a stark green eyeshadow with a pastel pink lip. The key here is to keep it simple. Stick with a single shade on the eyes and a single color on the lips. Rodarte’s version of this trend is on point.

Return of the Bullet
The lipstick bullet has never really gone away. It’s just been overshadowed by liquid lipstick for a long time, even despite large brands, like Urban Decay, revamping their traditional lipstick collections in the last couple years. But, the bullet is back. It’s sophisticated, fun to apply, and far more comfortable on the lips than its liquid counterpart.

Twiggy-Esque Lashes
Not, like, full-on Twiggy. We’re talking super long and wispy, but separated, lashes using just mascara or subtle falsies. This is not to say that voluminous  lashes have fallen out of fashion. Never! It’s just that 2019’s trends are rather bold, and it can be refreshing to embrace lighter lashes when the eye makeup is so pronounced. To ace this trend, don’t forget the bottom lashes! The longer, the better.

Editorial > Instagram
If there is an overarching theme for what 2019 beauty will bring, this is it. I predict we’ll see less and less of the formulaic look of Instagram makeup and more of the edgy, artsy, and imperfect aesthetic that can only be described as editorial. Instead of “perfecting” every square inch of the face with makeup, there will be more of a focus on highlighting one or two key features. The best thing about editorial makeup? It can be purposefully messy. The epitome of this is eye gloss, which purposely disintegrates your eyeshadow in the most high-fashion of ways.

For the look below, I wanted to incorporate as many of these trends as possible. Since I do not own any lime green products, I chose a vibrant green eyeliner (Teaspoon by ColourPop) instead to create a “floating” cat eye. I dabbed glitter on the center of my eyelids for some dazzle and kept the brows and lashes fairly natural. For my blush I used two different shades. One was a deeper magenta that I tapped gently along the cheekbones to sculpt my face. I swirled the other blush, a shimmery light pink, all over the apples of my cheeks. For my lips, I used my Pat McGrath lipstick in Sextrology and just a dab of gloss.

use 2

I’m not sure how I feel about my execution of the floating eyeliner trend. I think it would have turned out better had I used a fine-tipped brush and a potted gel liner, rather than the ColourPop pencil. It also broke on me three times while working on this look (I used a light hand, I swear), so I’m not too happy about that. However, I loved how the blush turned out.

What trend are you looking forward to the most in 2019? Do you agree or disagree with my predictions? Seriously, I’d love to know! Perhaps the most fun part about beauty trends is simply discussing them.

xoxo Kelli

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9 thoughts on “9 Trends I Predict Will Be Big in 2019

  1. Love this post! These are all along the same I thoughts I have for trends in 2019. Especially the bullet lipstick, you are so right! Liquid lipsticks aren’t as popular and are (for the most part) quite drying! I’ve decluttered most of mine! lol!


    1. I completely agree! They can be so drying. I’m probably due for a decluttering of mine sometime soon, too. There are some formulas I still like, but I’m much more picky with liquid lipsticks than I used to be. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts!! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much!! Honestly, I just used a compact camera, so I can’t change out the lens. It’s a Canon PowerShot A1100, which I’ve had for years. I think the real key was the natural light. I don’t have a ring light, so I take my photos right up next to the window. Of course, that makes it hard to take photos on a dreary day, lol. Hope that helps!


      1. Yes that does help! Thank you for your answer, the photo was so lovely I just had to know! I have the same experience with natural light, it makes for the best pictures. I’m actually glad it’s not a super expensive camera, that intimidates me thinking I need to spend a lot of money to take good photos, yours look great. Thanks again!


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