My Wedding Part Three | The Lipstick I Wore

Happy December! This time last year, I was knee deep in planning my wedding. Now I’ve been married for a little over seven months. How time flies! Speaking of weddings, today we’re going to chat about bridal makeup–particularly, the lipstick I wore. But before we jump in to this final installment of my wedding series, check out parts one and two, where I share tips for planning the big day and developing a spot-on bridal style.

As someone who loves doing makeup, I was so torn about whether or not to hire a makeup artist for my wedding. The idea of coming up with a look and practicing it was exciting. At the same time, I didn’t want to worry about making any mistakes on what would be (and was) one of the busiest days of my life. Ultimately, I hired a professional and couldn’t have been happier with the experience.

If you happen to be getting married in or near Milwaukee, I highly recommend Blush By Brittany. She did an amazing job, and both my mom and I remarked that our foundation had never looked better or lasted longer. Plus, she made my slightly small eyes just pop in the photos!

Picture taken by Meg Johnson Images.
Picture taken by Meg Johnson Images.

During the trial-run, I asked Brittany to create a fairly natural look, while making it clear that I was not opposed to heavy makeup. We all know how much product it actually takes to create a “natural” look, right? She educated me on her process as she worked, explaining how her techniques would result in makeup that looked as good in photos as it did in person. Near the end, Brittany mentioned that she had the perfect lipstick in mind but hesitated. “I don’t normally use drugstore lipstick on my clients,” she said, “but this one has a great tone,” while pulling a tube of Revlon out of her kit.

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed by this at first. In the same way that some women splurge on a new perfume for their wedding day, I was looking forward to treating myself to a fancy, new lipstick. But when I looked in the mirror at the end of my trial, I fell in love with how natural and beautiful this Revlon lipstick looked on my lips.

So, I wore a drugstore lipstick on my wedding day. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Blushed (#420), to be exact.

Revlon 4 (2)

Everything about this lipstick is perfect for a wedding look. It has a pearlescent finish, which sometimes gets a bad rap for being outdated, but the effect is subtle here and helps light to reflect off the lips without being overly shiny. The shade is rosy in hue but also very natural–almost a “my lips, but better” situation. The thing I was most impressed with is the longevity of this lipstick. I only reapplied once or twice over the course of about 11 hours.

All this is to say that I am super impressed with Revlon. I’ve been wearing this lipstick over and over since my wedding, and I will certainly repurchase it once my bullet is empty. While I would have gladly spent more money on a lipstick for my wedding day, I’m quite happy I’ll only have to spend $8.49 (or less, depending on where you buy it) to obtain this lipstick, which will forever be entwined with one of the happiest days of my life. Fingers crossed that Revlon never discontinues it!

By the way, Blushed gets rave reviews on MakeupAlley. No small feat, indeed. There are gems to be found in the drugstore makeup aisle.

xoxo Kelli

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