Mon Paris Eau De Toilette | A Fragrance Review

I am super selective when it comes to fragrances. So much so that I purchased my first bottle of prestige perfume just a few weeks ago. After literal years of scrutinizing scents, I finally discovered one that fits my tough criteria: Yvonne Saint Laurent’s Mon Paris Eau De ToiletteI am so happy with it it’s ridiculous, so of course I am going to share! 


The bottle resembles a radiant cut diamond; it beautifully showcases the blush liquid inside. A branded lace and faux leather bow is fastened around the neck of the bottle, adding a sense of edge and femininity to the product. The weight of the glass feels expensive and elegant. When sprayed, the perfume comes out in a fine, even mist.

The fragrance itself is described as a “fresh floral”, but it is not overwhelmingly flowery.  The a berry scent offers a fruity sweetness, that, combined with floral tones and touches of musky patchouli, creates an aroma that is both romantic and sophisticated. It is not too sweet, not too flowery; definitely not powdery. This perfume will be wearable across seasons and will please even the most selective nose.



This fragrance makes me feel so good. The feel of the bottle in my hand, the pretty look of it on my vanity, the lovely scent that I get to enjoy throughout the day. Ah, the little luxuries in life! 

Are you as picky as me when it comes to your perfume? What’s your favorite fragrance? Please share!

xoxo Carly


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