Empties | Fall 2018

Hello everyone! I’ve got a bag full of empty products to share today, so let’s jump right in!

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Anti-Aging Powder

  • I feel like this performs equally well to other prestige brand pressed powders, but it has anti-aging properties which gives it some bonus points. Also, this is the first powder I have ever owned that did not get oily from repeatedly dipping the sponge into the product.
  • Bottom line: Definitely recommend.

Lush Cosmetics Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask

  • Cleansing and aromatic, this natural mask’s purpose is to revive dull skin. It made my skin soft and bright, but it becomes a bit flaky once it starts to dry due to the chunks of almonds and herbs in the formula.
  • Bottom line: Enjoyed the product but probably won’t buy again.

Lush Cosmetics Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask

  • The smell may be calming, but this mask is invigorating! Cool from keeping it in the fridge, it goes on thick to create a true clay mask on the face. I used it on days when my skin was feeling irritated or flushed and it did it’s job of taming redness and evening things out.
  • Bottom line: I really liked this one, will buy again.

Harper + Ari Peach Exfoliating Cubes

  • I wax my legs, so I’m constantly exfoliating to avoid bumps and ingrown hairs. This product offers a fine texture and slight lather after it’s mixed with a little water. The scent is mouthwatering (they smell exactly like gummy peach rings!), and the packaging is worthy of display. The cubes are pliable, so you can break them in half if needed.
  • Bottom line: I recommend this as a gift; I liked having something different and fun to use. However, for the purpose of exfoliating, a traditional sugar scrub will cover more surface area.

Redken Triple Take 32 Hairspray

  • This is a great hairspray! It provides a very strong hold (or “Extreme High-Hold”, as they put it), but is still brushable and not stiff. It gave my fine hair a lot of volume and a good texture for creating braids and updos.
  • Bottom Line: I recommend it!

Tarte Quickie Beauty Sponge

  • This was my first ever reusable beauty sponge, and I love it. It’s very soft and squishes as you press in foundation or concealer. The price is cheaper than a Beauty Blender, but more expensive than a generic brand. Tarte has since changed the look of this guy, and I’m long overdue for a new one.
  • Bottom line: Highly recommend.

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick

  • This lipstick has a very silky, shiny formula, almost like cream-gloss, if you will. It is forgiving if you are putting on without a mirror or in a hurry, but doesn’t stay on long. I have this product in a few colors, and the formula is consistent across light and dark shades. My favorite thing about this lipstick is the packaging. You push from the top and it pops out like a bullet. I fidget with it constantly!
  • Bottom line: Recommend, but after using for a few years will probably switch it up for a while.

100% Pure Vitamin C Serum

  • This product boasts the benefits of brightening skin tone, nourishing cells, and harboring healthy collagen, but with only natural ingredients. I honestly didn’t see any major differences from other products I’ve used, so I’ll say it’s on par with other high-end serums.
  • Bottom line: Great all-natural product, but pricey.

Phew, that was more than I thought! If you’ve read through to the end, thank you! We hope to see you again soon 🙂

xoxo Carly

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