I’m going through everything in my closet | Wearing everything I own

Welcome to part two of my attempt to clean up my wardrobe. Again, my goal is to own a collection of clothes and accessories that I wear and feel good in. Check out this post to get the low down on  the four steps I’m taking to do this. 

 I’m currently eight months in to the second step of the process: Wearing everything I own.

The way I am doing this is simple: Every time I use an item, I mark that item as “worn”, by either putting the hanger up backwards on the rack or putting the item on the far right side of the drawer it lives in. This makes it easy to see which items I have and haven’t worn.



It’s been fun so far, I’ve been able to be creative with items that I normally don’t wear, and I’ve rediscovered a few pieces that I’ve forgotten about over the years. 

As I move through the weeks, I put items that that I know I won’t return to (usually they are either uncomfortable or very occasion specific) in a donate box. I also allow myself to repeat outfits as I please, as I’m giving myself until the end of the year to complete this project.

I’ll be back to report how this wraps up! I’m hoping that I come out with a more minimal, useful collection of clothes!

xoxo Carly


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