​​Bridesmaid Beauty Hacks |Five Quick Ways to Look Your Best in a Wedding

Standing up in a wedding this summer? Here are five tips to look your best for the celebration!

1) Preserve your updo with a grocery bag

Trying to figure out how to put on your dress without disrupting your $75 updo? Put a plastic bag over your head before pulling on your gown. It’s counterintuitive, but the plastic keeps the fabric from upsetting your curls. Please though, don’t suffocate yourself in the process.

2) Highlight your body, too

After putting on your dress, use a large, fluffy brush, to lightly apply a golden-hued highlighter on your shoulders and collarbone. This intentional dusting of shimmer will give you a subtle, natural glow.

3) Bake your face!

This technique kept my face from melting during a wedding ceremony that took place  in 118℉ Vegas heat. Essentially, a layer of translucent powder is packed on over your foundation and concealer to trap in heat and super-set the makeup. Jaclyn Hill has an entertaining tutorial on it, click here to view.

4) Sticky boobs are your friend

They are available, affordable, and work with any cut of bridesmaid dress you may be dealing with. No straps, no pins, no worries. Just make sure that your body is free of any lotions before applying them or they, err, slide down…

5) SMILE down the aisle

Smiling for the crowd may feel unnatural, but blank expressions or slouching shoulders do not look good in photos. Besides, what better finishing touch to your bridesmaid look than your own, beautiful smile?

Yes, all eyes are on the bride. But you’re still on camera, so look pleasant and sit pretty!


xoxo Carly

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