Dagne Dover Classic Tote

Like my bag? Me, too!

This gorgeous bag, named the Classic Tote, is my first purchase from Dagne Dover, a company that flooded my Pintrest, Facebook, and Instagram feeds with ads after I started searching online for a new briefcase earlier this year. Clearly, their campaign worked on me.


Upon arriving on my doorstep, every piece of this bag was protected: It came (in a box, obviously), with a dust cover, each piece of hardware wrapped, and plenty of packing paper stuffed in the bag to keep its shape during transit.


I chose the “Dagne Blue” shade, which is professional and vibrant, a pop of color in a world of black briefcases. This bag hangs nicely on my shoulder and has a firm structure to it. It’s made of thick, high quality material that does not slouch, the handles fold to down, and the feet on the bottom of the bag keep it from getting dirty.

One of the draws to this brand is that their products make it easy to keep organized. In this particular tote, there is a pocket for pens or lipsticks, a zippered inside pocket, a couple of smaller pockets for a phone or charging cord, a place for a notebook or tablet, computer, a detachable bottle holder (this feature prompted cheering and whistling inside of my head), and a keyring. Did I get everything?


There is also a full size version of this bag, called the Legend Tote, with the same features but more room. I don’t regret the smaller size, but if I had the larger one, I’d definitely fill it. One thing I will mention that I couldn’t find in any reviews is that, the Classic Tote barely fits my 13” PC in the laptop pocket, even though their customer service team assured me it would fit. So if you don’t use a Mac, you might want to consider sizing up to ensure your computer fits.


This bag is lovely, it receives many compliments and the quality continues to hold up after daily use.

xoxo Carly






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