Minimal Makeup Look

I look forward to getting ready each morning. I enjoy the routine of choosing which products to use, styling my hair, picking out my clothes… It makes me feel fresh and put together, ready and motivated to take on the day ahead of me.

Even if I don’t have plans to leave the house (and with my newborn baby, I have not!), I still like to steal a few minutes to primp and prepare myself in the morning.

Lately I have been opting for easy, minimal makeup that brightens my eyes and doesn’t feel heavy on my face. The routine below has been a perfect fit for my days spent at home. Here are the quick steps I’ve been taking to create this minimal, “just enough” look:


1. Apply a sheer coat of primer. 

I start out with a clean face and apply a primer to my nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin, where my fine lines and pores are most prominent. I use a pressed powder on a Kabuki brush to spread a thin layer on my face; it feels weightless on my skin. One of my favorites is the Primed and Poreless by Too Faced.

2. Add a light foundation. 

Normally during this time of year I would opt for a luminous liquid foundation, but I’ve been reaching for a loose powder because I can apply it in less time than a liquid formula. I don’t use much, one or two dips into the pot with my brush is enough to get a sheer, even layer over my face. It’s easily buildable if there are any problem areas that need more more attention.


3. Conceal any sign of being tired.

Using Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer, I apply a couple of dots on my eyelids and under my eyes and gently press it in with a beauty sponge. Goodbye, blue veins and under eye circles.

4. Darken the eyebrows.

My Gimme Brow by Benefit comes in here. Just a swipe and my brows are good to go, no need to fill in with a powder or pencil. The bit of added color to my eyebrows gives my face definition with little effort.


5. Light up the face with a highlight.

I don’t bronze or contour with this look, but I do use a highlight. I find Smashbox’s Photo Op Under Eye Brightener can be applied without too much precision and it really lights up the face. I paint stripes on my cheeks, cupid’s bow, forehead, and under my eyes, then blend it into my skin with a concealer brush.

6. Add just enough eyeshadow.

If I decide to dip in to my eyeshadows, I will stick to neutrals, choosing a palette that I am familiar with. I use just one, medium-fluffy brush to swipe a light brown over the lid, place a shade darker in the outer corner, and apply a muted highlight in the inner corner. I blend it all out and keep it light and bright. This Tartlette Amazonian Matte Palette is my go-to for neutrals. As the wear and tear on case suggests, I use it often.


7. Open up the eyes with a beige liner.

I apply a bit of a beige eyeliner to my inner water line to give the illusion of wide-open eyes.  The Creme Gel Liner in HoneyDude by ColourPop Cosmetics is a nice neutral color (too white can be overwhelming), and it’s affordable. It does wear off somewhat early in the day, but I have yet to find a pencil for the water line that doesn’t give me this problem.

8. Apply mascara.

For a minimal look like this one, I like to use a mascara that isn’t overly voluminous, like this Fruit Pigmented® Ultra Lengthening Mascara in Black Tea by
100% Pure Cosmetics. It is a nice, dark color that lengthens and gives lashes a fluffy appearance, especially if the lashes are curled first. Plus, fruits used in the formula make it smell delicious! 


9. Make the lips glisten. 

I keep it basic with a clear lip balm or gloss, whatever I have on hand.

10. Finish with a hydrating setting spray.

A few spritzes of a dewy spray to give me some hydration and I’m good to go!  


xoxo Carly

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