100% Pure Charcoal Konjac Sponge

Meet the konjac sponge. Made of the root fibers from the konjac plant, this guy has made its way into Western skincare, and for good reason. The sponge has super-cleansing powers that boasts the following properties:

  • Cleans and nourishes skin: Naturally pulls out dirt, oil and bacteria from the skin and contains vitamins that keep skin healthy.
  • Balances pH – The root has an alkaline property that works to even out and brighten skin tone.
  • Provides gentle exfoliation and massage – Soft enough to be used daily, removes dead skin cells and facial impurities and increases blood circulation.   
  • Includes bamboo charcoal – The particular sponge I use has an added ingredient of charcoal to intensify the cleanse.


I purchased this Konjac Charcoal Sponge from 100% Pure and have been using it for four weeks. I am quite impressed with how it has improved my overall skin tone. My skin feels healthy and bright. I have had no dry patches of skin on my face, something I usually need to manage as we move into the months of cold and dry air in the Midwest. My mild but evident spells of acne have almost disappeared, and with a little more discipline with my diet I imagine that they would vanish completely.

I also have noticed that the pores on my cheeks and chin have minimized significantly. I am still using a charcoal mask to help with these areas, but adding the sponge to my daily routine has aided my efforts. In fact, I have stopped wearing foundation on a daily basis and for possibly the first time in my life, am satisfied with the way my skin looks without it. How I wish my 13-year old self could hear me say that!

If you’ve read this far, you can infer that this sponge gets two thumbs up from me. Above is a photo from the day before I started using the konjac and another photo from this morning, four weeks later. I am not wearing any foundation in either photograph. No, I don’t have magazine-edited skin, but there is certainly an improvement! I’ve written out below how I use it.

Are you familiar with the konjac? Do you use the charcoal version, or one infused with red or green clay? Have any tips or tricks? Please share with me!

xo Carly

How I use the konjac sponge daily on my face and neck:

  • I wet the sponge with warm water (when dry the sponge is small and rock hard, but doubles in size when saturated), and add a pea-sized amount of cleanser to the sponge. Adding cleanser to the sponge is not necessary, it has the power to clean without any help.
  • Working in upward, circular motions, I buff my entire face and neck with the sponge, then rinse my skin to remove any cleanser. I personally do not use this product on the skin around my eyes, although it is safe to do so.
  • After patting my face dry, I rinse the sponge and squeeze with a towel to remove excess water. I do not twist or stretch the sponge. Depending on if I’m in the shower or at my sink, I hang it on my shampoo bottle or my soap dispenser. It is recommended to keep the sponge in a ventilated area in between uses.
  • I continue with my regular skincare routine after washing my face with the konjac, applying a toner, serum, eye cream, moisturizer, and SPF or night cream.
  • Per instructions, I will replace after three months of use or when the sponge starts to disintegrate.


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