Deep Cleansing Charcoal Mask by Mary Kay Cosmetics

Popular for its super absorbent nature and myriad of uses, activated charcoal is an ingredient that’s been popping up in beauty and skin care products everywhere. A natural substance, its porous surface works to attract unwanted chemicals, toxins and odors, pulling them from the air like a magnet. I had been researching different masks and cleansers for a while when my consultant stopped by to show me Mary Kay’s new Deep Cleansing Charcoal Mask. I found it too great not to share.


This product is good for all skin types. It’s lightweight and rinses off easily with water – meaning no peel and risk of damaging live tissue. My consultant advised me to apply it to a clean face with a flat foundation brush. This method worked brilliantly as there was no mess left on my hands, and I was able to easily apply an even layer over my face. The formula, made with activated charcoal, a blend of clays, and navy bean and honeysuckle extracts, has an earthy and minty scent. It’s cooling and invigorating. I loved it right away.


The mask lightens in color as the charcoal begins to work its magic. As minutes went by, I noticed small, dark dots and spots begin to emerge all over my face. I learned that this was the dirt, oil, and residue being pulled out of my pores and absorbed into the mask. Disgusting, but also strangely satisfying; I felt like I had opened battle on any potential breakouts and they didn’t stand a chance. I removed the mask after about 15 minutes to find my pores instantly minimized and my skin smooth and refreshed.

I’ve been using this mask twice a week for almost two months and have definitely noticed an improvement in my complexion. Not only have my pores stayed nice and small, but my skin tone has evened overall. I’m absolutely sold on this mask, and I enjoy the experience of it every time I put it on. Cheers to charcoal!

Xoxo, Carly






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