Morphe 18-Piece Vegan Brush Set 686

Several weeks ago I left my beautiful collection of IT Cosmetics Velvet Luxe makeup brushes at a hotel in Chicago. These particular brushes, luxurious and smooth, were not exactly cheap, and I had invested in them over the past few years. If you’ve used these, you know how sad I am to have lost them forever.

Anyway, I quickly resolved that I would need to find something more economical to fill the empty brush jar on my vanity. I settled on the  Morphe Set 686 18-piece Vegan Brush Set.


Here’s my quick review:

  • They’re vegan
    • I’m not vegan, but it’s nice to know. As promised on the website, the synthetic bristles do well with both liquid and powders. I do not see the fibers falling out anytime soon.
  • Easy to use
    • They are super lightweight in my hand, yet I still have total control over what I’m doing. The smaller brushes are extremely precise when applying color.
  • Strangely fluffy
    • Almost like a very, very, soft sponge. They are pampering and gentle, and they blend out product well, even when too much is applied (think liquid foundation…).
  • Your bases are covered
    • If you are going from no brushes to 18 brushes, this set is enough to keep you as contoured, highlighted, and smoky-eyed as your heart desires. I already can’t believe I have been living without some of these!
  • Trendy case
    • These brushes live in a nice, transportable roll up case.
  • Affordable
    • This collection of brushes was $49.99, hardly $3.00 a piece.


If you haven’t guessed, I certainly recommend this set. For t you get everything you need and quality that won’t let you down.

What’s your favorite brush set or brand? I’d love to hear!

xo Carly

Per Morphe’s wesbite, this is what you get with Set 686:

1.Pointed Liner Brush                           

2.Lip Brush                                              

3.Smudger Brush                                 

4.Angle Liner Brush                                

5 Flat Liner Brush                               

6.Mini Concealer                                  

7.Small Shadow Brush                          

8.Concealer Brush                                  

9.Deluxe Blending Crease                    

10.Oval Shadow Brush                           

11.Deluxe shadow Brush                         

12.Angled Blender Brush                      

13.Pointed Foundation Brush            

14.Contour Brush                                     

15.Bronzer Brush                                

16.Angle Blush Brush                           

17.Powder Brush                                 

18.Deluxe Fan Brush

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