Shop Stevie Pop-Up Boutique

Boutiques. I love them. I mean, who can resist the cozy-chic feel of that cute little store on Main Street, filled with the newest and trendiest fashion? I seem to stroll into a boutique no matter where I visit, and my browsing history exposes the many hours I spend drooling over sites like ModCloth and Morning Lavender.

This being said, when my beautiful, bubbly, boutique-obsessed friend, Jamie, asked me to come over to model the newest clothes she ordered for her pop-up shop, I was elated! Not only because she thought my face was worthy enough for her to advertise *blushes*, but it was a shop I hadn’t heard of before. It’s called Shop Stevie, a Utah-based specialty clothing store that has opened its doors to reps all over the country.


Really quick, in case you are not familiar: What exactly is a pop-up boutique? It is temporary space where a retailer, generally online-based, sells their clothing or products. It’s very popular in California, but they have been “popping” up in big cities all over the world. Since Jamie is a rep, she runs her boutique out of her home, or my home, or wherever, and she always has an online store open as well.

Anyway, we scheduled a date, and I had so much fun trying on the tops and dresses from her inventory. The clothes are both flowing and form flattering, and everything is comfortable. Some of the floral prints that I normally wouldn’t choose actually look great, and I enjoy that the colors are bright and cheerful. The designs are modest yet fashionable, and they truly fit more than one body type (check out the height difference between me and Jamie)! Everything is made ethically in the USA, a huge plus for me. The quality seems very good.



Oh, and the pricing is absolutely reasonable! I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been in  a boutique where the price of a cotton t-shirt exceeds the average monthly grocery budget, but Shop Stevie doesn’t have many pieces that are over fifty dollars. Plus, because she is a direct retailer, Jamie often has promos running for free store credit, and you can earn clothes by participating in polls or holding a party.

I obviously didn’t leave her house empty handed. I can’t wait for warmer weather so I can flaunt my new pieces!

Take a look at Jamie’s site and join her Facebook group to see the latest trends from Shop Stevie. Use the code SUGARLACED for 10% off your order. I’m positive you’ll like what you see!

xo Carly

Clothes I’m wearing (in order of photos):

Blossom Ruffle Blouse

S & Co Deliliah Spring Dress

Gardenia Cross Neck Dress

Moira Floral Hoodie

Nova Tee

Kya Lace Dress 


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