Lo & Sons O.G. Overnight Bag

Last year I started traveling for business and needed a carry-on bag that was functional, professional, and that would last me a long time. I was willing to splurge if I found one that fit the bill, and when I discovered the O.G. Overnight Bag by Lo & Sons, I decided it was worth the investment. Since I’ve owned it, I’ve noticed so many women carrying the same one around the airport, and let me tell you why: It’s a gem!


This bag was made for travel. It has an external side pocket that slips over a suitcase handle and fits perfectly under an airplane seat. I own it in the color black with lavender lining and gold hardware, but it comes in many colors. I have carried this bag with me on every trip I’ve made for the past year, for both business and leisure, and it hasn’t failed me yet.

Lo & Sons offers some pretty savvy ways of packing your belongings. There’s a big, roomy internal pocket, and it’s supplemented with a couple side pockets for your laptop, books, tablet, or any other flat items.The front has a zippered area that provides compartmentalized storage for your phone, pens, a lanyard for your keys, and anything else you might need easy access to. The most fun feature of this bag, though, is the pocket on the bottom that is made for an extra pair of shoes! Brilliant!



I have read reviews of women who can pack a three-day weekend’s worth of attire into this baby. Now, I am a decent packer, but I would only take it on it’s own for one, maybe two overnight stays, if I was feeling extra minimalistic and I only needed one pair of pants.

I bought the O.G. bag, which is 15 inches wide, although there is a slightly larger version called the O.M.G. bag, that gives an extra two inches. The company website does a great job showing the way each size looks against women with different body types and what you can expect to fit inside of each. I went with the smaller version in fear of the larger bag looking too clunky if I were forced to carry it around with me during a trip. The O.G. is a great size, but I wish I got the bigger one. When this one is packed full it is difficult for me to get my laptop out and in during security checks at the airport, even though it says it fits a 13 inch machine.


A couple other things: This bag can get pretty heavy with just the shoulder strap, a consequence of being able to fit so much into it. Also, there is no good place to put a water bottle for easy access. I’m always scared that my bottle will come open in my bag, so an external pocket or secure inside pocket would be a great addition. Maybe I’m just wishing for a backpack version of this bag. Dear Lo & Sons, if it existed, I would buy it immediately!

xo Carly

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