Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Creme

On a bad day, there’s always lipstick.
-Audrey Hepburn

Last weekend, I had planned to write an elaborate post about making kiwi gelato from scratch. I couldn’t wait to dust off the old ice cream maker for the first time in a year! On Saturday morning, I picked up a bunch of ripe kiwis from the grocery store and set about making a sumptuous custard on the stove, straining it through a sieve before chilling the mixture overnight to ensure it would be velvety smooth.

I had promised my brother this gelato about a year and a half ago, after offering him a batch of his choice as part of his high school graduation gift. Thomas had taken a band trip to Italy that year, during which he tried several gelatos, and kiwi was his favorite. Admittedly, when he chose that flavor, I was a little bit disappointed. I’m not sure why–I’m quite fond of kiwi. Perhaps it seemed like an unattainable flavor to make from scratch, despite having made some fairly unique ice creams and custards in the past.

I finally decided to make the gelato after spotting kiwi on a list of fruits in season during winter. It was surprisingly simple to make, and I kicked myself for waiting all this time as I stood at the kitchen counter last Sunday afternoon, peeling kiwis and tossing them into the blender. After mixing the fresh puree into the chilled custard, it was time to run it through my ice cream machine. A tropical smell filled the room as I poured the mixture slowly into the frosty canister, whizzing in circles to aerate the cream and turn it into a lovely gelato. I set a timer for 25 minutes and skipped into the living room, daydreaming about trying that first spoonful while clicking through online makeup tutorials.

Twenty-five minutes later I eagerly jumped up from the couch at the first beep of the timer, walking back into the kitchen to check out my creation. I clicked the machine off, peered over the top of the canister, and was immediately flustered at the sight. Kiwi gelato soup!

This had never happened to me before. Frowning, I quickly grabbed the second canister from the freezer and poured the unchurned mix into it, flipping on the machine’s switch and setting the timer for another 20 minutes. But after it went off, the gelato still hadn’t made any progress. Oh well, I thought, I’ll put the canisters back into the freezer and try in another day or so. But another day came and went, and the gelato still would not churn.

I moped and complained, mumbling to Jake (my fiance) about bad luck while pouring the kiwi-infused cream down the drain. All this work for nothing! What’s the point of even trying to post something on the blog now? My poor brother! He waits all this time, and this is what happens. Cruel karma! I should’ve made this a year and a half ago. And on and on, overreacting about broken ice cream canisters, which I’ve owned since my senior year of high school. Probably time to replace anyway.

Instead of cleaning the rest of the mess, I thought it best to remove myself from the scene. Walking past the open bathroom door, I spotted my new favorite lipstick–a tube of the Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Cream–sitting tantalizingly at the edge of the counter. I had been wearing it day after day for the past couple weeks, and the sight of it was inspiring. Suddenly, all I wanted to do was play with makeup, and that’s just what I did. With a swipe of lipstick, my gelato woes began to melt away.


The Artist Rouge Creme has quickly become my favorite bullet-style lipstick because it has a creamy, comfortable formula that is actually moisturizing on the lips. At the same time, it’s very pigmented. A little goes a long way. Mine is in the shade C105, which is marketed as a greige (i.e., grey-toned beige). It’s not at all ashy, but rather more of a muted, cool pink-nude. So pretty!


Then there’s the packaging. The tube is metal, which I love because it makes this lipstick feel more expensive than even higher-end brands that often use plastic. Although it rings in at a fairly pricey $22 per tube, I’d say this lipstick is worth every penny on quality alone.


I’ve been pairing it with an Ulta brand lip liner in the color Flesh, which is pretty much the exact same color as my lips. While I don’t have many praises to sing for this liner (it’s a bit waxy), it does a good job of extending the longevity of lipstick, and it’s affordable.


It’s amazing how a good lipstick can brighten your day! This one is a dream, and I highly recommend checking them out. I know I’ll be purchasing a few more colors in the future!

Now, off to purchase some new ice cream canisters…

xo Kelli

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