Natural, Defined Eyebrows with Benefit’s Gimme Brow

Full and natural, sharp and bold, the way eyebrows are shaped and filled in can completely transform the face. Mine are naturally tame and fairly light and honestly, I ignore them for the most part. They always were foreign territory for me. In fact, I never touched them until I was 17, when my best friend and I went to the salon after school to get them waxed into thin, high arches. I returned to her house with skin so red her mother made me hold ice packs to my eyes until it settled down, and my too-skinny arches followed me through my college years.

Since then I have embraced a more natural brow shape, but in general eyebrows still intimidate me. I purchased Gimme Brow by Benefit Cosmetics  on the promise that it supplies quick, full-looking brows with an easy application, perfect for an eyebrow novice, like me. I purchased in the lightest shade, 01, when my hair was blonde.


Benefit boasts an entire line of brow boosting products, and this one didn’t disappoint. The tiny silver vial is the home of a precision tip applicator that shapes brows in just a few short strokes. Its tiny bristles force the product to get between the hairs and cling to each one, while tinting the skin behind the hairs for added definition.

As claimed, the formula is buildable and can be applied in upward strokes against the hair for even denser coverage. If it accidentally gets outside the brow line, it wipes away easily and can be blended with a spooly if too much accumulates in one area of the brow. After it is applied, the product doesn’t smear, and the brows are held in place all day, an excellent solution for any hot or humid climate.

In the photo above you can see the difference between my naked eyebrow and my enhanced eyebrow.

A couple more thoughts: This product is described as a brow volumizer and highlighter, so if you are looking for a drawn in look, you won’t get it with this product alone. It is suggested to be used over a pencil, but I currently use it on its own and find that it is enough for me. The only drawback I’ve found is a slightly toxic smell that lingers for a few minutes after application. It isn’t overwhelming, though, and certainly doesn’t keep me from using the product!

If you have any comments, product suggestions, or eyebrow tips and tricks, please share with me. I need them!

xo Carly

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